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Arpit Malviya

Arpit Malviya works at Perficient as a technical consultant. He has worked in the Power BI & Data Analysis field since 2019.

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Star vs Snowflake Schema – Which To Use When & Where

Introduction People and organizations constantly produce a lot of data. Generally, we want to store generated data to access it later. Data storing should be efficient in all aspects, including speed, cost, reliability, security, etc. That’s why different approaches to data storage exist. One of the most popular approaches is a data warehouse. Data warehouses […]

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Row-level security (RLS) with Power BI

What is RLS with Power BI Row-level security (RLS) with Power BI can be used to restrict data access for given users. Filters restrict data access at the row level, and you can define filters within roles. In the Power BI service, members of a workspace have access to datasets in the workspace. RLS doesn’t […]

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A Glimpse of the Power BI Dashboard

Reports In Power BI A Power BI report is nothing but a multi-perspective view of a data set with visualizations that represent different findings and insights from that data set. A report may be a single visualization or pages full of visualizations. Visualizations can be pinned to dashboards and if you select the pinned visualization, it will […]

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Guide to Power BI Visuals

Introduction Without the right visuals, your Power BI report is redundant. To showcase powerful insights you need to understand when and how to use different visuals so that you can avoid wasting valuable time on building reports that don’t make an impact. We’ll walk through the process we use to decide which visuals to use […]

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Tracking Insights with Usage Metrics In Power BI

Usage metrics help you understand the impact of your dashboards and reports. When you run either dashboard usage metrics or report usage metrics, you discover how those dashboards and reports are being used throughout your organization, who’s using them, and for what purpose. Usage metrics reports are read-only. However, you can copy a usage metrics […]

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Different Licenses in Power BI – Which One to Choose for your Organization?

The Different Power BI Licenses There are three kinds of Power BI per-user licenses: Free, Pro, and Premium Per User. Determining which type of license a user needs is going to depend on where content is stored, how they will interact with the content, and if that content needs to utilize any Premium features. Content […]

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Optimize Power BI Reports?

When making reports in Power BI Desktop (Or any software for that matter ), good performance in terms of loading time plays a key factor in winning the trust of clients and ensuring user adoption for that report. Long loading time creates a poor user experience, so this needs to be fixed. How to Optimize […]

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Sneak Peak of the SQL Order Of Execution

After writing SQL codes for a few years now, I noticed I used to make mistakes in the order of execution of SQL Queries. So here I am with my new blog on the same topic. Let’s jump in to understand the SQL order of execution & learn practical, correct ways to write SQL Codes. […]

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Introduction to Power BI Performance Analyzer

This blog describes how to use and interpret the information provided by the Power BI Performance Analyzer, finding the bottlenecks in slow reports. What is the Power BI Performance Analyzer? The Power BI Performance Analyzer is a feature included in the May 2019 release of Power BI Desktop that simplifies how you can collect the […]

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Data Warehouses : What They Are and How to Choose

What is a Data Warehouse? A data warehouse, or enterprise data warehouse (EDW), is a system to aggregate your data from multiple sources, so it’s easy to access and analyze. Data warehouses typically store large amounts of historical data that can be queried by data engineers and business analysts for business intelligence. Instead of only having […]

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12 Best Practices for Dashboard Design

Dashboards are a great way to display essential data necessary to achieve a particular objective. A good dashboard design will provide complex data visualization most comprehensively. But to create an operational dashboard, you need to know basic dashboard design principles that will guide you to the best design you can build yourself. This blog will […]

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Introduction to DAX Variables in Power BI

Have you ever had a scenario where you need to use part of your calculation multiple times? You might go and create a table or column for that and then re-use it. However, there are times that you just need that calculation to be re-used multiple times within one place. DAX variables can help you […]

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