Arpit Malviya

Arpit Malviya has worked at Perficient as a technical consultant. He has been working in the Power BI & Data Analysis field since 2019.

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Introduction to Power BI Performance Analyzer

This blog describes how to use and interpret the information provided by the Power BI Performance Analyzer, finding the bottlenecks in slow reports. What is the Power BI Performance Analyzer? The Power BI Performance Analyzer is a feature included in the May 2019 release of Power BI Desktop that simplifies how you can collect the […]

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Data Warehouses : What They Are and How to Choose

What is a Data Warehouse? A data warehouse, or enterprise data warehouse (EDW), is a system to aggregate your data from multiple sources, so it’s easy to access and analyze. Data warehouses typically store large amounts of historical data that can be queried by data engineers and business analysts for business intelligence. Instead of only having […]

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12 Best Practices for Dashboard Design

Dashboards are a great way to display essential data necessary to achieve a particular objective. A good dashboard design will provide complex data visualization most comprehensively. But to create an operational dashboard, you need to know basic dashboard design principles that will guide you to the best design you can build yourself. This blog will […]

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Introduction to DAX Variables in Power BI

Have you ever had a scenario where you need to use part of your calculation multiple times? You might go and create a table or column for that and then re-use it. However, there are times that you just need that calculation to be re-used multiple times within one place. DAX variables can help you […]

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Introduction to the DAX Studio

In this blog, we’ll go through a quick overview of all the options available in the user interface of DAX Studio. These include the panes and each button in the ribbon. We’ll discuss how using these features will help improve your performance in DAX Studio. Familiarizing yourself with the purpose and function of each feature […]

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7 Important Bookmarks for Data Analyst

The truth is that being an analyst is all about balancing quality versus speed. This manifests itself in finding good tools which help make you more efficient. If there is one thing that analysts all agree upon, it is that no single tool does everything great. One piece of my advice to analysts is to […]

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How to Setup an Effective LinkedIn Profile

How to Setup an Effective LinkedIn Profile I will cover all sections to make a strong & complete LinkedIn profile in points. 1. Background picture / Cover Photo I usually keep background photos of the current tool I am working on or the company I work for. Either work!! 2. Display Picture Keep basic image […]

Pass Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst Exam | PL-300

I will be sharing my personal experience with learning Power BI and clearing the PL-300 (Earlier called DA-100) exam. I hope this will help the other aspirants. I would not be compromising the signed NDA; hence no questions will be disclosed in this article. About the Exam : PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Analyzing […]

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Data Visualization – How to Pick the Right Chart? – Part 2

So Many BI Charts, but which one to choose and when? This blog series will help you understand each chart’s uses and properties. This is the second blog in a series about data visualization. Read the first blog in the series here. 10. Area Chart An area chart is essentially a line chart — good […]

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Data Visualization – How to Pick the Right Chart? – Part 1

So Many BI Charts, but which one to choose and when? This blog series will help you understand each chart’s uses and its properties. To determine how to pick the right chart for your data visualization needs, first, you must answer a few questions: How many variables do you want to show in a single […]

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Power BI Best Practices

1. Limit the visuals in dashboards and reports Limit the visuals in reports & dashboard. Keep the tiles limited to no more than 10 per dashboard. 2. Remove unnecessary interactions between visuals We can make that possible by removing unnecessary interactions between visuals. This is possible because of the reason that all visuals on a […]