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Allie Kelly

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Stop Guest Blogging for Links

by Allie Kelly First, search engines used volume of links to identify relevancy and quality of websites. It didn’t take long for webmasters to turn “links” into a marketplace and start buying and selling them regardless of the quality. As a result, volume was no longer a reliable indicator. Instead, search engines started to identify […]

When Remarketing Goes Wrong

Disclaimer: I take every opportunity I can to talk about my dog. I have a dog named Payton who is allergic to just about everything and eats a dog food prescribed by her vet as a result. Prescription dog food isn’t cheap, but I have found a great website (that I will refer to as […]

Matt Cutts Warns of Potential Issues for Non-Mobile Websites

This morning I was lucky enough to attend PubCon’s keynote speaker, Matt Cutts. Cutts is the head of Google’s web spam team. He is the guy who makes changes to the Google engine and algorithm working to provide quality and relevant websites to its searchers. If your organization has a website, you are well aware […]

Hire a Good SEM Vendor – Good Idea!

When I stumbled across the article blatantly titled, “How to Avoid Hiring a Bad SEM Vendor” on, it made me want to forward it to every marketing manager/small business owner who exists. The reason I want to do this: because the article is honest. And it would be helpful to anyone who has the […]

Most Effective Medium for Lead Generation: is there such a thing?

I recently read an article about the effectiveness of different channels for online lead generation. The article was based off a survey of marketers from companies ranging in sizes and variety (slightly heavier B2B than B2C). Overall it stated that the marketers felt SEO was the top lead generator and the effectiveness of the PPC […]

AdWords Features Seen So Far This Week

Over the last 24 hours, AdWords has been blowing my mind. It started yesterday when I learned that Google is giving users the opportunity to block PPC ads from specific domains in their search results. Last year, Google gave the ability to block specific search results and sites but much of this was changed with […]

‘Page Layout’ Algo Update – Contradictory?

When I first read about Google’s latest algo update, penalizing websites for being “top heavy” with advertisements, I thought it was contradictory considering AdWords ads are known to take up a large majority of above-the-fold results when searching Google. This is especially true when looking over the past couple of years; Google has given PPC […]

Google Hiding Search Referral Data…PPC to the Rescue!

A few months have passed now since Google announced it is going to hide search referral data for Google searchers who are logged into their private account. This has meant facing more and more visits associated to the value, “(not provided)” when searching for visits by keyword in Google Analytics. …Organic visits by keyword that […]

Product CTRs on Comparison Shopping Engines – Google Shopping

I have a soft-spot for comparison shopping engines (CSEs). I think they are a great medium for e-commerce websites to be able to use to get their products to their consumers. Google is always working to give the searcher the most relevant result as fast as possible, and Google Shopping (as well as other CSEs) […]