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Ajay Karare

Ajay Karare works as Lead Technical Consultant at Perficient in the Nagpur GDC, India. He has 8+ years of technical experience in Tableau, Python, SQL, Power BI, Alteryx, and Machine Learning Technologies.

Blogs from this Author

3 Ways to Get a Free or Reduced Fee for Microsoft Certification

Getting certified is always a great feeling for an individual and is a way to prove your competency and proficiency in a particular technology. Microsoft provides the pool of trending technologies in demand and is vastly used in many industries. Getting certified in specific technology is a really valuable addition to your profile. Getting Certified […]

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Power BI: Merge and Append Queries

Introduction:  Power BI’s merging and appending operations allow you to join data from multiple tables.  The choice between the merge and append queries depends upon the type of concatenation you want to carry out based on your requirement. When you have one or more columns that you’d like to add to another query, then you […]