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Ajay Ram

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Adding levels to the top navigation menu in SharePoint 2010

The top navigation menu in SharePoint 2010 by default allows one level. If like me you had created the custom master page by copying over the controls from default v4.master page, the top navigation menu is controlled by the ASP menu control “TopNavigationMenuV4”. The number of levels of sub sites accessible in the top navigation […]

Creating a managed metadata field

Creating managed metadata fields is a bit different than creating fields of other types. Managed metadata fields are required to be linked to a term set before they can be used. The two types of taxonomy fields are TaxonomyField and TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti. The TaxonomyFieldTypeMulti is used for a multi valued managed metadata. TaxonomyField field = new […]

Required properties when using Official File web service

The Official File web service in SharePoint is used to submit files to a record repository. When the file gets submitted the metadata of the document is parsed and matched to a routing rule in the record center. One of the parameters passed to the SubmitFile method is metadata (properties) of the document.   publicstatic […]

Upgrading CustomRouter to SharePoint 2010

Recently I was working on upgrading a custom router from SharePoint 2007 to 2010. This blog points out some of the deprecated methods and provides details on the new methods replacing it. In SharePoint 2007, IRouter interface provided the definition for the method OnSubmitFile. The OnSubmitFile allows users to process and route documents that are […]