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Mobile Compatibility Testing: When and How

Challenge: With more and more popular smartphones and multiple mobile network operators, many more smartphones with different demands, brands and producers have been published. How to make your application work as desired on these various mobile devices will be a big challenge. Mobile compatibility testing is indispensable. Meanwhile, with budget control and a tight timeline, […]

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How to monitor the server’s system resource using JMeter Plugin

JMeter has many listeners which provide useful information like each request’s response time, number of the requests processed, response data, throughput, error%, etc. but actually we would like to know the utilization of server system resource, like CPU/Memory utilization. The ServerAgent can collect the server performance metrics, and one JMeter plugin can provide a visual […]

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How to Perform Distribution testing in JMeter

Usually, we use JMeter to simulate a heavy load on a server, network or object to test its strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types, but if we run a larger number of vusers on one client, for example, 1000 vusers, it will cost a lot of CPU, memory when the JMeter […]

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Use XRANK operator to boost the dynamic rank in Sharepoint 2013

In this blog, I’ll introduce a novel ranking algorithm called XRANK as a solution to boost the dynamic rank of items based on certain term occurrences within the match expression in Sharepoint 2013. In the law firm business, there are lots of matters, and the attorneys always try to find out matters which are similar. […]

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Data Comparison Tool Research Part I- Toad for Data Analysts

In business intelligence, big data is always transformed by ETL workflows with all kinds of transformation rules. How to verify the transformation rules are right or not on the ETL workflow, especially for the big data distributed in multi platform databases? Apparently, we couldn’t do it with our naked eyes. Toad for Data Analysts (following Toad […]

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Automation Testing in Business Intelligence

On our business intelligence team, we use a document to display what we call the “cross walk” for Source Tables, Mart Tables and Reporting Layer objects. And from this document, we can know the ETL mapping between source columns and mart columns, and we also can know the ETL mapping between these mart columns and […]

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Using Grouping and Cursor to improve performance

Summary: In BI testing, we create views for large amounts of data, but performance issues can occur when we need to pivot a column and make it a string. To improve the performance, we divide this column into two groups first, one is for the unique value that doesn’t need any combination, and another one […]

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