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Aaron Hevenstone

Starting my career as a musician taught me one of the most important lessons about progress. We only get better the more we repeat the things we want to improve. Continuing my career as a software engineer has taught me that the more we practice and share, the more innovative and creative we become.

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Forget Okta? Well, It Might Not Forget You : Solving Remember Device Issues

Why Okta? Who can forget Okta? It is basically a household name at many enterprise companies. Even if you don’t know about Okta, you probably recognize the name. Okta is a cloud-based identity and access management platform that provides secure user authentication and authorization services. It enables organizations to manage and control access to various […]

Group of web developers working in an office.

A Day in the Life of a Software Tester

It’s been a while since I realized that my life was a little different than everyone else’s, I began to notice certain abilities and features that set me apart from the rest; a power so great that I began to concern those around me, fortunately I discovered that I was not alone, there were others […]