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Display Deep Attributes of Salesforce Items in Coveo Search

Let’s start with a look at deep attributes. What is a deep attribute? For every search solution, we rely heavily on the search engine to return relevant results for a search term. Once search results are returned, the users often want to check related information to the search results, such as the rating of an […]

How to retrieve password for GSA connectors?

Sometimes you may need know the password used to configure a connector. Here is simple Java program that can be used to do that. Please note this only works for GSA 3.x connector. public class DecrpytConnectorPassword { private static String fullPahtToCMKeyStore = “connector_manager.keystore”; private static String fullPahtToConnectorPorperties = “”; public static void main(String[] args) throws […]

How to Support Sitelinks Search Box with Your Search Solution

I recently helped one of our clients configure their website to get sitelinks search box working. The following is a brief recap of my work. [Although is used as an example in this post, I have had no working relationship with] In early September, Google announced an improvement to sitelinks search box, which […]

Document filter inside out (p4): work with Lister/Retriever Model

In last installment, we carefully examined the usage of document filters in creating feed XML. Feed protocol is a push mechanism for the content source to send information to GSA. Since GSA connector framework 3.0, GSA introduced a Lister/Retriever model, which was first implemented in File System Connector. The connector is no longer using the […]

Document filter inside out(part 3): the anatomy working with feed

In this installment, we will discuss how the document filter is utilized by Connector Manager to achieve its functionality. Sometimes it’s very easy to show what’s happening with the code itself. I duplicated many section from Google site, and also provide link to the original source. Since Google engineers keep updating their implementation, the observation […]

Document filter inside out (part 2): the configuration

Last time, we discussed the basics about document filter. In this installment, we will talk about practical aspects of document filter. How to configure document filters? Google had a document explaining the usage of document filters. There are two ways you can configure document filters. The first is at Connector Manager level, specifically within <Tomcat>/webapps/connector-manager/WEB-INF/documentFilters.xml. […]

Document filter inside out (part 1): the fundamentals

Document Filter is a mechanism from Google connector framework 3.x to manipulate document during traversal for connectors. It is mainly supported at Connector Manager (CM) level. Thanks to the open source nature of Google connector framework, we could examine carefully about how document filter is defined and implemented. Document is an interface defined by […]

Prepare a smooth ride for GSA upgrade with mirroring

With the new release of Google Search Appliance 7.2, many organizations have plans to upgrade their systems in order to take advantage of the new features. Here is a list of steps with brief description that could help you for a smooth ride during the upgrade. Stage installer files For production upgrade, you would like […]

Localization of frontend customization

Google Search Appliance (GSA) frontend framework provides management of most of the elements for user search experience. Many times we need to customize the frontend to achieve a certain feel and HTML display for search results. Normally the changes can be done to the frontend directly via Admin Console and the GSA frontend framework can […]

The plumbing of expert search with Google Search Appliance

Expert Search is an important feature from Google Search Appliance (GSA). The default frontend provided out of the box support to Expert Search since 7.0. Here are a few major bullet points that involve Expert search configuration and result display. Configuration of Expert Search for frontend via Admin console (For 7.0, Social Connector → Expert […]

Where’s the beef of your Expert Search, GSA?

When customizing the XSLT stylesheet for Expert Search, I noticed many places where elements starting with /GSP/ExpertSearchConfig/ were referred. However, I have never found any Google document to explain them. From the usage of those elements in the XSLT stylesheet, they looked like the display layout configuration for Expert Search results. Given the fact that […]

How to easily check group lookup results with Connector Manager

With Google Search Appliance (GSA) connector framework 3.x, user group lookup is an essential part of user authorization when searching for controlled-access content, especially for early binding. During controlled-access content search, GSA first authenticates user with the authentication mechanism configured. After the user identity is resolved, GSA will pass it to the connector for group […]

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