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Amanda Dzvairo

A seasoned Financial System Senior Solutions Architect with 18+ years of experience relating to a diverse range of Oracle Cloud Financials solutions,business processes definition , advisory services, leading implementation & development teams, health check assessments, and Finance organizations transformation.

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Oracle Cloud Payments – Encryption, Masking and Tokenization for data protection.

Retain full control of your organization’s sensitive data that is accessed, stored, and transmitted to other parties with Oracle ERP Cloud Payment. Companies generate and collect a staggering amount of data every single day. Much of this data is sensitive and needs to be protected. Still, data breaches occur all too frequently in the form […]

Custom Tailored Solutions Or Offers. Made To Measure Services.

Oracle Cloud Points to Consider when Implementing Customer Payments by Direct Debit

Process/ Schedule customer payments to maximize cash in your bank account and minimize processing times. Set up customers on direct debit payments, so you collect on time and with less effort. The following tasks are what you execute to process direct debits and send them to the bank for collection: Run the Create Automatic Receipts […]

Oracle Cloud Customer Drafting- Improve your Cash Flow

With direct debit, you are in control – once your customer authorizes drafting their bank account you can collect payments whenever they are due without needing your customer to do anything else. Therefore, no more chasing customers for payments – they will be on time every time.  Your cash flow will improve and you will […]

Supplier Database - Oracle ERP

Oracle ERP Cloud: Clutter Free Supplier Database

Improving the Quality & Accuracy of Your Supplier Database In the information era data ages rapidly.  Organizations deal with data changes as trading partners relocate, mergers take place, or employees move from one organization to another. In addition, the database is loaded with duplicate, inaccurate and incomplete data. Organizations incur huge costs allocating resources towards […]

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Oracle Cloud Period Close – What’s New?

Oracle Cloud ERP Application period close process is conducted in a chronological fashion across modules Financials, Procurement, and Projects. The period close process has inherent dependencies among some of the modules. Oracle Cloud introduced some changes on the dependencies and ownership of these processes. This paper details the changes around period close processes. Oracle Cloud […]

Setting Up The Current Period For New Asset Books

As many of you know, making uninformed decisions on implementation projects may prove to be costly. I have had experiences where customers are faced with making decisions but, they were not aware of the implications their choices would have on the project. One of those key decision is identifying Fixed Assets in the first accounting […]