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Gabriel is an award winning web designer who helps build WordPress powered websites for a wide range of clients.

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The Three Best Things About MicroStrategy 10.6

The three best things about MicroStrategy 10.6 If you’re like me, you nerd out a little bit when any software upgrade comes out. The list of enhancements can make me think “Wow, what an amazing innovation! I can’t wait to tell my friends” or, on the flip side, “FINALLY! They fixed the problem, it’s about […]

Tipping Your Hat to Open Source

We all have moments when we just feel right about something. On Tuesday, we met with Red Hat to discuss our partnership as we expand our Open Source Services. During the visit, I learned how Red Hat got its name – to read more about the story… check the link What sticks out to […]

Creating First SSRS Report – Part 2

In this post, we are going to create our first report in SSRS.  Excited? Let’s get started. In order to create a report, we need 2 things: 1.)    Data source: Here, you make connection to your database in Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, Teradata, etc. 2.)    Dataset: Here, you choose your table you want to create […]


Managing BI Performance Problems Series Part 1: Effectively Managing Performance Problems

Welcome to the Managing BI Performance Problem series. This will be a 4 (or possibly more)  part series on how to tackle BI performance problems. This first part is the most important. I am fond of saying, “A good manager is worth three good developers. However, three great developers cannot make up for one bad […]