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Alan Cranford

Director, Client Services

Alan Cranford is a client services director within Perficient's national healthcare practice. Alan has more than 30 years of technology and healthcare industry experience, including former stints as CIO at two different hospital management companies. He has a broad background in software development, consulting and senior healthcare IT management.

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Security in the Age of Cloud Computing – Steps to Take

Last month I discussed the importance of ensuring you address security concerns as you migrate services to the cloud. Security, in my opinion, is the most important responsibility of an IT organization. The good news is that cloud services have matured to the point that they typically provide very secure environments, sometimes even more secure than […]

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Security in the Age of Cloud Computing

As a former CIO, I believe the most important aspect of an IT organization’s job is to protect their IT infrastructure and data that resides within it through advanced security. While it is obviously important to implement new technologies and applications, if the environment is not safe then nothing else matters. Part of this responsibility […]

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The Path to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

There is a lot of excitement about Artificial Intelligence. The excitement is certainly warranted based on the potential that these solutions can offer. In an industry that has massive amounts of data and is very dependent on the data to both run efficiently and, more importantly, delivery high quality patient care any technology which can […]

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Cloud Migration Considerations in Healthcare

In my previous blogs I discussed a variety of non-traditional technology delivery methods including outsourcing and utilization of cloud-based service offerings. My last blog focused on the cloud and that, while healthcare is historically slower than most industries to implement newer technical trends, cloud services in one form or another are used by most providers […]

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Healthcare Migration to the Cloud

In my most recent blogs I discussed the potential cost savings and other benefits of alternative IT delivery models. In this blog I want to focus specifically on healthcare’s move to cloud based delivery which was one of the delivery models discussed. One thing I have learned in my almost 30 years in healthcare IT […]

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Operational Transformation – Benefits of Other Delivery Models

In my previous blog I discussed the growing use of alternative service delivery models to reduce overall IT costs. As a recap, examples of these delivery models include: Software as a Service (SaaS) or remote hosted agreements where the application vendor provides application support and operational services. Cloud based services where the processing and storage […]

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Operational Transformation: Reducing Cost of IT Service Delivery

There is always contention for IT funding, especially with the increasing requirements for digital solutions and to incorporate emerging technologies such as block chain, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence into the more traditional IT application portfolio. As a result, provider organizations are constantly looking for ways to lower IT support costs.  In the past that […]

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Observations and Reflections on HIMSS 2018

The HIMSS 2018 conference recently wrapped up and as usual, it was educational, informative and exhaustive. Around meetings and other obligations at HIMSS 2018, I walked the exhibit hall to catch up on the general state of the health IT market. The traditional health IT vendors enhanced their existing products and, in many cases, expanded […]

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IT Investments Critical to Meet Patient Expectations in 2018

2018 is shaping up to be an unusually challenging year for healthcare providers. On top of the typical revenue cycle management and payer reimbursement concerns providers deal with every year, there is ongoing regulatory and political uncertainty which could adversely impact revenue. Meeting these challenges is a difficult balancing act. Internally, there is ever greater […]

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Reflections on another year at HIMSS

As HIMSS 2013 has come to a close, I’ve had a chance to look back at the experience of the last few days. I’ve been going to HIMSS for over 15 years. I can’t remember one where I didn’t learn things, meet new people and get excited about the innovations in health IT. However this […]

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Continued high activity at HIMSS

While many people likely left after Monday it hasn’t been obvious from the crowds on the exhibit floor and hallways. The only major difference I noticed was that there were fewer people in the education session I attended. However, one I attended was first thing in the morning and there have been vendor receptions each […]

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First day of HIMSS review: Analytics, Crowds, and Catching Up

Yesterday was the first day of HIMSS and, as usual, it was extremely busy. In my experience, Monday is the busiest day since you have people who attended CHIME or came in early for pre-conference sessions that wanted a day on the HIMSS exhibit floor to meet with vendors and look at the new products. […]

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Developing a game plan for HIMSS

The HIMSS conference can be a little intimidating, especially for first time attendees. Last year there were around 35,000 attendees and 1100 companies on the exhibit floor. If history is any guide, this year there will be even more. When you add in hundreds of education sessions, pre-conference workshops, keynote speeches and social events it […]

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The HIMSS Conference Past and Present: What I’ve Learned So Far

It is once again time for the annual HIMSS conference. I’ve been going to the HIMSS conference for over 15 years. For many years I went in a healthcare IT management role and more recently I’ve been going as a consultant. This is my first year attending as part of the Perficient team and I’m […]

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