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Akshay Chindaliya

A highly driven business intelligence developer with 5 years of experience. Strong understanding of SQL and relational databases. Experienced in creating complex dashboards using Tableau, Power-BI and Cognos with particular experience in multiple domain. I am responsible for understanding business requirements and planning solutions to address data needs and developing, designing, and maintaining the dashboards.

Blogs from this Author

Freight Dispatcher With Digital Display

The Power of Tableau Geographic and Image Roles

Image Role in¬†Tableau: The first rule that we are going to discuss is the geographic role. If your data field contains location information or Geographical areas, you can assign it to a geographical role in tableau. Based on the type of location such as City, Country, State, or Postal Code. Assigning this extra role can […]

Analytics Graphic

Cognos Analytics with Watson AI

Cognos Analytics with Watson AI Do you wish to have insights of your business data and obtain predictions on future performance based on your data? The new Cognos Watson powered BI solution can help you do it. It can help connecting to data sources, clean the data and provide some stunning Visualizations. The new Cognos […]

Digital global map

An Overview of Images as a Filter

Images as a Filter As technology is evolving so, the reporting standards need to be in sync with the current trend. Nowadays, looking at the numbers is not only the purpose of the dashboard but how your dashboard looks in terms of the colour, graphs, filter position, etc. Also, users are leaner toward the interactive […]