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Oracle Eloqua – Subscription Management

You probably have some sort of subscription management today, but is it what you need?  Is it giving your clients and prospects the ability to management what they receive? I want to go through a few items that may help you determine what is the best plan of action regarding managing the options.  The options […]

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Oracle Eloqua – Data-Driven Marketing

We have all heard how having CRM integrated with Eloqua is a huge step in the overall thought process of data-driven marketing. I wholly agree with that, but what if you could integrate with more than your CRM to gather the data necessary to impact a customer buying without sales involvement? What would that look […]

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Oracle Marketing Cloud – Account-Based Marketing

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great minds over the years. I recently met up with one of those great minds and had a conversation regarding account-based marketing. The buzz is on account-based marketing, and it should be, so I’ve discovered. I don’t tend to get wrapped up in the buzz because I […]

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Marketing & Sales – What is a Lead?

The definition of a lead isn’t that hard to find. By most standards, it is someone who has raised their hand. They are wanting to consume the information that is being generated by your company. They may view your company as a thought leader, have an interest in a webinar that you are giving, a […]

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Oracle Eloqua – 485 Release Highlights

Happy New Year!  Hope 2017 is off to a great start for you! Eloqua has a release coming in the next few weeks.  Breakdown of which PODs are when… POD2 is January 10th POD7 is January 13th POD6 is January 13th POD3 is January 15th POD4 is January 20th POD1 is January 22nd If you […]

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Marketing Automation – Assign or not Assign

Leads, they need to be assigned to ‘someone’, but where and how that happens can sometimes be tricky. I want to take the trick out of it and make it digestible. It’s finding the right place to manage the lead assignment process and who can maintain it. Lead assignment doesn’t have to be complicated, there […]

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Oracle Eloqua – Markie Submission

Modern Marketing Experience – April 25-27, 2017 It’s that time of year again, looking forward to 2017. Get excited, it is going to be a great year! Oracle has come out with the dates for Modern Marketing Experience, April 25-27 in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort. What better place than Las Vegas in […]

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Oracle Eloqua – Data Tools

Most Eloqua users know about the Data tools available in Eloqua.  However, do you know how they work or what they do?  I’ve discovered, that the answer is often no.  If you are a technical resource for your marketing team you may know this but the general marketing population know they exist but really don’t […]

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Oracle Eloqua – Building the Bridge for Sales & Marketing

In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about Sales and Marketing alignment, but sometimes these buzz words go in one ear and out the other.  There is so much to be read about it that the volume of noise is overwhelming at times.  It’s also hard to understand what it […]

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Oracle Eloqua – Lead Scoring

Most people are familiar with lead scoring, but do you feel confident that you are maximizing it’s potential?  If you are using Eloqua, the ease of setting up lead scoring is phenomenal!  The key to success in Lead Scoring, is continual review, which is where the issues come into play.  In this short post, I […]

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Oracle Marketing Cloud – The Future of Content Marketing

I attended the final 2016 session with Oracle Product Management today.  The focus was Content Marketing and what is happening in that section of the Oracle Marketing Cloud.  If you are unfamiliar with Content Marketing, think Compendium.  Content Marketing is a way for marketers to plan, create, and distribute content to the right person at […]

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Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools – Overview and What’s New

Today I attended a briefing on an overview of the sales tools for Eloqua as well as a what’s coming.  Love the road map pieces, so fun to see what enhancements are planned. The session was presented by Taha Skeikh who is the Director of Product Management and Nard Linders who is part of the […]

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Oracle Eloqua – CRM Integration

Most of you are probably thinking this is a tough topic during a holiday season, but we are all thinking 2017 at this point, even though we are all wondering where in the world did 2016 go! Moving on…2017, a year to make things connect.  Does your Eloqua connect to a CRM?  If you answered […]

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Oracle Marketing Cloud – Program Canvas versus Program Builder

If you didn’t attend Oracle’s webinar “The New Program Canvas: What Is It and How to Use it”, you missed a great event, but I captured  the highlights to share with you. Starting yesterday Oracle is rolling out the new Program Canvas per the 484 Release.  (More release details can be found here.) I want […]

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Oracle Marketing Cloud – Release Details and Roadmap

What you’ve seen so far: Marketing Cloud Unification: it is the new look and feel of the applications and is being rolled out across all Oracle platforms for consistency. New Navigation: grouping common functions in Eloqua in the same area and better structure of the items in the system. Visual Changes to Campaign Canvas: Oracle […]

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The Controversial Campaign

I bet you thought, wow is she really going to go into the whole Presidential Race ‘thing’…nope, not touching it!  I’ll touch on another campaign that most marketers stress or think about on occasion.  To Nurture or not to Nurture! If you have a nurture campaign, congrats! If you don’t, why not? When I’m talking […]

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MME 2016 in Review

Modern Marketing Experience (MME) 2016, what a four-day affair! Insightful, amazing and overwhelming…that would be what MME was this year. So much great content, it really is hard to put into words how great it was. It was described by an Oracle Service Cloud Consultant that when going to the 3rd floor, which was the […]

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