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Cardinal Health Web Redesign Receives Marketing IMPACT Award

For the past three years, Modern Healthcare and its sister publication Advertising Age have partnered to recognize the healthcare industry’s best advertising, marketing, promotional, and communications campaigns across all channels. Cardinal Health, one of our clients, recently received the Silver Award for Website Campaign of the Year for Supplier/Vendor/Pharma. Perficient Digital’s Adobe practice was the […]

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Adobe & Demandware: Cloud Integration for Content & eCommerce

Make no mistake—this week’s announcement of an Adobe/Demandware partnership is a pretty big deal for online retailers. In the words of Demandware VP Tom Griffin: By integrating best-in-class rich content authoring and creation with best-in-class enterprise commerce, we can provide a single, unified solution for all consumer touchpoints. At the same time, retailers can optimize […]

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Adobe Summit: Top new features in Adobe Experience Manager WCM

Cedric Huesler @keepthebyte is a Product Manager at Adobe and works on the web content management aspect of AEM.  Cedric demoed 10 new features coming in AEM 6.0, which was announced yesterday.  A new major version (6.0 vs 5.6) for AEM indicates a major architectural change in the product.  Adobe expects the new architecture to […]

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My 4 Days in the Desert with Adobe - Part 2

My 4 days in the Desert with Adobe — Part 2

As I mentioned in my last blog post, the time I spent in the desert with Adobe at the sales conference was incredibly valuable. As the best of breed digital platform, three key themes resonated with me and want to take the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the benefits of the adobe partnership […]

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My 4 Days in the Desert with Adobe

My 4 Days in the Desert with Adobe – Part 1

In mid-December, I attended the Adobe Worldwide Sales Conference in Las Vegas. It’s a time when Adobe invites its entire sales organization – along with Adobe’s key partners – to discuss the past year’s performance, celebrate the major sales successes, and layout the company’s sales and product strategies for the next year. As Forrester & […]

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Adobe CQ5 talent in high demand

Adobe CQ5 Web Content Management skills are in high demand. The jump from CQ4 to CQ5 brought a considerable improvement in the product, wrapped with an elitist bow – aiming to enchant not only techie geeks, but marketers as well. Since then, Day overhauled its upper management echelons, kept up an aggressive research and product […]

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Adobe CQ5.5 Sneak Peek

Today I attended a Webinar given by Adobe showing a sneak peek at CQ5.5.  Almost a year ago I blogged about how Adobe CQ5 had arrived.  Adobe CQ5.5 will include significant improvements especially for digital marketers. Adobe plans to announce CQ5.5 in March,  2012 and there will be lots more new features than what I […]

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Web Content Management’s Trend Towards Portals

For the entire history of the portal, when someone asked, “When should I use a portal instead of a content management system?”, the answer was easy.  When you have to login, surface applications, personalize the experience, and otherwise do more than simple content display, then use a portal.  However, that’s been changing of late.  This […]

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CQ5 Main Screen

Adobe CQ5 has arrived

I just went through a presentation on Adobe CQ5, which came to Adobe via their recent acquisition of Day Software.  Wow!  CQ5 has outstanding features that compete with the best Enterprise Web Content Management and Portal systems.  At the heart of CQ5 is Apache Sling and a Java Content Repository (JCR).  Main features of CQ5 […]

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