How Analytics Help Move the Sales Needle for Your Business

How effective is your digital marketing? It’s the multi-million-dollar question over which CMOs and Digital Marketing Managers lose sleep.

Vanity metrics have typically been the first line of defense to justify marketing efforts to the C-Suite.  You’re familiar with these – things like number of page views, blog comments, impressions, downloads and click-through rates.

But do quantifiable and historical data tell the whole story? In today’s world, absolutely not!

Highly successful organizations measure active users on their website and mobile apps to analyze engagement, optimize the cost of customer acquisition and ultimately, increase revenue. Understanding these metrics – and making decisions based on this data – are what will make you shine as a marketer.

20% of business decision makers believe the concept of Big Data is hype  – Forrester Research

How can you lead the way to shift your company’s priorities to focus on volume growth, channel metrics and long-term profitability from customers?

Download our latest guide to learn how analytics can move your business forward, and gain valuable insight on:

  • Understanding the difference between vanity and actionable metrics
  • Evaluating analytics platform features that will uncover insights
  • Understanding the processes and people needed for a typical analytics platform implementation

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