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Perficient Recognized in Forrester’s The Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Services Landscape

2024 Forrester Cx landscape The Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Services Landscape, Q2 2024

In today’s competitive climate, an exceptional customer experience (CX) is no longer a luxury, but rather an essential pillar of business success. Providing a seamless, personalized journey has become the cornerstone of brand loyalty, customer retention, and revenue growth. Customers expect positive omnichannel experiences, and brands that fall short of these expectations will not only miss out on current revenue, but also risk future sales due to negative perception and reputation challenges.

With brands stretching across digital and physical properties, building an omnichannel customer experience can seem daunting. Partnering with an experienced consulting partner provides a strategic and custom approach, enabling organizations to activate and engage their customers at every touchpoint. According to the Forrester report, “Clients lean on their providers to spark change within their organizations: to support customer-focused culture shifts, help them develop more customer-friendly products and services, and understand and amplify the growth potential of creating better customer experiences.”

Forrester’s State of CX Teams Survey, 2024, reported that “half of CX decision-makers say that improving CX is the top priority for their organization’s executives; nearly 60% say that their organization’s CX program is responsible for the CX strategy. In fact, two-thirds of CX decision-makers say that they plan to increase spending with CX strategy consulting services in 2024.”

The Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Services Landscape, Q2 2024

Perficient is proud to be recognized as a large consultancy in The Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Services Landscape, Q2 2024 report with an industry focus in financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing/production of consumer products, and a geographic focus in North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

Our CX Capabilities

Forrester carefully researched each service provider in the report through a set of comprehensive questions and identified three core business scenarios – vision and strategy setting, business assessment/analysis, and customer research. According to Forrester, “These are the business scenarios that buyers most frequently seek and expect CX strategy consulting services providers to address.” We believe as a leading digital consultancy that helps clients imagine, create, engineer, and run digital transformation and CX solutions, that we in turn, help organizations drive growth, efficiency, and differentiation in these three areas.

Through our customer experience and digital marketing practice, we use behavioral insights and predictive modeling to give a deep understanding of customers and their brand interaction so that organizations can influence behavior and build a relationship with them through positive interactions that are scalable across touchpoints.

One of the ways we help organizations optimize their CX is through our Journey Science jumpstart, a 6 week approach that uses research, data-driven insights, and continuous optimization to help organizations deliver frictionless experiences. This proprietary approach employs behavioral insights and predictive modeling to give organizations a deep understanding of their customers and their interaction with a brand so businesses can influence behavior and build a relationship with customers through positive interactions that are scalable across touchpoints.

In addition to the core business scenarios in this report, Forrester also references seven extended business scenarios that are important to certain buyers looking for CX services.

Forrester asked each vendor included in the Landscape to select the top three business scenarios for which clients select them and from there determined which are the extended business scenarios that highlight differentiation among the vendors. We are shown in the report for having selected organization transformation, technology transformation, and experience design as some of the top reasons clients work with us out of the listed extended business scenarios.

Learn More About Perficient’s CX Services

Whether your business is just starting its CX journey or seeking to enhance its current efforts, partnering with the right service provider can make all the difference. With a team of more than 125 CX professionals, Perficient combines data-driven insights with human-centered methodologies to maximize business impacts. Contact us now to discover how our expertise can take your business to new heights.

Download the Forrester report, The Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Landscape, Q2 2024 to learn more (Link to report available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase).

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Sarah Dwiggins

Sarah Dwiggins is a Perficient Marketing Manager over the Customer Experience and Digital Marketing Pillar. She has worked in technology for more than 8 years.

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