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Empowering Connections: Insights from the Salesforce MuleSoft Community Meetup

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Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to attend and speak at a Salesforce – MuleSoft Joint Community meetup, an event that brought together passionate professionals, dedicated developers, and eager learners under one roof. The energy in the room was palpable, and the spirit of collaboration and learning was infectious. As a speaker, I was both excited and humbled to share my insights with such an engaged audience.

In this blog post, I will share my first-hand experience and insights from this Meetup, shedding light on the remarkable advancements and inspiring moments that unfolded throughout the event.  So, Stay tuned….

The Salesforce MuleSoft Meetup:

This meetup was a Salesforce MuleSoft Joint Community In-Person Meetup organized by the Salesforce Marketing Group and Nagpur MuleSoft Meetup Group in partnership with Perficient India at Perficient GDC Nagpur Campus.

The event’s purpose is to “Demystify existing Salesforce and MuleSoft products with the assistance of industry expert speakers who have expertise in that specific product.”

So, Let’s get started…

There were 3 sessions at the event. And each was very informative. Let’s go through each briefly.

1. Power of Code Resources:

The opening session was about the “Power of Code Resources” in Marketing Cloud Salesforce. This session was presented by Jude Ruphus Britto, Sr. Technical Architect at Perficient.

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First, Jude guided us through the Spring ’24 updates of Web Studio. He then demonstrated how to implement security within the Web Studio. Following this, Jude provided an in-depth analysis of “Traditional SFMC Implementations” and introduced a “New Approach with CDP/Data Cloud” to the audience.

He also clearly explained the usefulness of Code Resources. Additionally, he presented a demo on “Building an API Using a Code Resource” and “Building a Preference Centre Page.” Throughout the session, Jude organized Q&A segments after each topic, allowing the audience to engage and ask questions.

For more information on Code Resources and Data Cloud, please refer to the links provided in the “Important Links” section below.

2. Introduction to Runtime Fabric on Red Hat OpenShift MuleSoft:

The second session, titled “Introduction to Runtime Fabric on Red Hat OpenShift in MuleSoft,” was presented by Aditya Salunke, Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient.

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Aditya provided an in-depth explanation of “Anypoint Runtime Fabric”. Anypoint Runtime Fabric enables you to deploy Mule applications and API proxies to a Kubernetes cluster that you create, configure, and manage. He detailed the data flow between the components within the runtime fabric and shared valuable insights into OpenShift and Kubernetes.

Additionally, Aditya conducted a demo on connecting Runtime Fabric with OpenShift and deploying a sample application within it.

For more information on Runtime Fabric on Red Hat OpenShift, please refer to the links provided in the “Important Links” section below.

3. Introduction to the Einstein Bots:

The final session, titled “Introduction to the Einstein Bots in Salesforce,” was presented by me.

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During this session, I provided a detailed overview of Einstein Bots, discussing their advantages over other chatbots and the various types of bots available in Salesforce. Then I covered the prerequisites needed to create a bot.

Following this, I conducted a demo on how to create an Einstein Bot in Salesforce Org. I concluded the session by discussing the limitations and best practices for using Einstein Bots.

For more information on Salesforce Einstein Chatbot, please refer to the links provided in the “Important Links” section below.

All three sessions were very informative. So everyone learned as well and enjoyed it.


Quiz Competition and Swag Distribution: 

After all the valuable sessions, the quiz competition was organized. The attendees competed in a quiz on the topics covered. The quiz was carried out in a light-hearted manner. It helped us recall everything we learned during the sessions.

The beautiful swags were given to the top winners of the quiz competition.

Following that, all the Muleys & Trailblazers gathered to take a group portrait while saying “CHEESE”.

Here are additional photographs from the event.

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Important Links:

  1. Code Resource in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  2. Getting Started with Runtime Fabric on Red Hat OpenShift
  3. Introduction to the Salesforce Einstein Bots

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Abhinav Masane is an Associate Technical Consultant at Perficient based in Nagpur. He is a Salesforce Certified Associate and Developer. Abhinav is always keen to learn and explore new technologies.

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