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Data & Dragons: Perficient Attends Data + AI Summit

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Dancing with Data

It was but a fortnight into 2024 AC (After Conquest) when the great council gathered to decide who would succeed Perficient’s 2023 Data & AI Summit attendees. Many claims were heard, but only a few were considered.  The council was assembled to prevent a war from being fought over the succession, for all knew the only thing that could tear down the house of Perficient, was itself.

As interesting as it would be to see a hypothetical war fought over annual conference attendees, it is certainly a stretch of the truth for this House of the Dragon fan. Databricks’ Data and AI Summit will be held on June 10th-13th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. Shortly after on June 16th, this author will be journeying back to Westeros as season two of HBO’s House of the Dragon will be returning to screens.

Meet the Heirs

After much deliberation, the names of the newest attendee council were proclaimed. Five individuals will represent Perficient at this year’s Data and AI Summit.


  • Grand Chancellor; Senior Vice President & Data Solutions GM, Santhosh Nair
  • Master of Data; Databricks Practice Director, Nick Passero
  • Master of Partnerships; Alliance Manager, Kyla Faust
  • Master of Coin; Portfolio Specialist, Brian Zielinski
  • Master of Commerce; Portfolio Specialist, Al Muse

The council of heirs will set off for San Francisco, California, for a full week of cutting-edge content, networking, and collaboration. The Perficient Council will have the opportunity to discover new use cases and capabilities on the Databricks platform that can be brought back to their loyal subjects (customers) to strengthen Perficient’s ability to serve and deliver quality solutions.

Decrees of the Council

“The hour of Data and AI Summit approaches, and I am afire with anticipation. The secrets of data shall unfold before us, like the ancient tomes of Old Valyria. Let the banners of Perficient and Databricks fly high, for this shall be a gathering remembered in the annals of our time!”

Databricks Practice Director,  Nick Passero


“I am honored to stand among such great minds where the arcane arts of data and AI are revealed—’twill be a journey more thrilling than any battle. Knowledge shall flow as freely as the rivers of the Trident.”

Alliance Manager, Kyla Faust


“The Data and AI Summit approaches, and my excitement burns brighter than a dragon’s flame. This gathering shall echo through time as a beacon of innovation and power.”

Portfolio Specialist, Brian Zielinski

See you there!

The Perficient council of heirs would love to meet you if you will be at this year’s conference! Please reach out to Kyla Faust to organize a meeting with the team.

Check out more information about the Perficient, Databricks practice here.

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