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Capacity-Based Vendor Consolidation: A Transition Success Story – Equipping People and Processes

01 Major Not For Profit Health Insurer Successstory

Health insurers play a unique and crucial role in ensuring that people have access to affordable, high-quality care. As the stewards of sensitive data and the day-to-day face of healthcare interactions for many of their members, it is imperative that they remain adaptive and forward looking, constantly evolving to meet new requirements, expectations, and demands.

Insurers must consider a number of issues when selecting a partner to assist with this digital transformation—which is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction. Insurers require partners with a proven track record in the healthcare industry, those who can bring a deep understanding of specific challenges and requirements unique to health insurance.

Health insurers must carefully evaluate these potential digital transformation vendors against criteria such as regulatory compliance, interoperability, scalability, cost, support quality, and industry expertise to ensure they choose the best partner for their needs.

Health insurers must make sure that every dollar spent provides value to members and improves access to quality care.

Maximizing Value With Highly Skilled, Nearshore Talent and More

Our client, a leading health insurer in the Northeast U.S., wanted to reduce costs by consolidating important digital initiatives into a series of multi-year projects focused on member and broker digital interactions. This entailed switching from prior consulting firms, which required a swift and seamless integration to ensure work remained on track and on budget.

Better Health for Our Client’s Business and the Communities It Serves

Within months, we seamlessly onboarded 200+ skilled multishore resources in time zones aligned with the insurer and across a variety of digital workstreams and specializations.

This change could have significantly delayed our client’s progress in creating a more consumer-centric experience and care model. But our meticulous preparation and multishore delivery model ensured that our teams were immediately contributing to the health insurer’s mission.

“It was great to see how Perficient’s transition and leadership teams came together to ensure we had all the right resources.” – Head of Engineering at Client Subsidiary

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Perficient + Healthcare

Have questions? We help health insurers navigate intense technological and regulatory requirements while controlling costs and improving the user experience to support and delight members. As a leading global digital consultancy, Perficient has been trusted by the 10 largest health systems and 10 largest health insurers to deliver transformative results. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your specific needs and goals.

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