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Perficient Achieves 7th Adobe Specialization in Customer Journey Analytics

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics Specialization

Perficient is excited to announce that we have earned an Adobe specialization in Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), further solidifying our position as a leading Adobe partner. This is the 7th Adobe specialization we’ve added to our portfolio, which already includes Adobe Analytics, Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager – Run and Operate, Adobe Experience Manager – Sites, Marketo Engage, and Adobe Target.

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How Did We Earn a Customer Journey Analytics Specialization?

Specializations from Adobe come with high expectations. During the review process, Adobe measured our proficiency in the following areas:

  • Technical Expertise: Adobe measures technical expertise by the number of Adobe Certified Expert or Master technical credentials earned by individuals within your organization. To become specialized in the Customer Journey Analytics Specialization specifically, Perficient had to demonstrate expertise across 12 certifications – 4 Certified Experts in Development, 6 Certified Professionals in Business Practice, and 2 Sales Accreditations.
  • Implementation Proficiency: Specialized partners must be able to implement solutions for which they are specialized, while also meeting or exceeding customer expectations during implementation.
  • Customer Success: When submitting for a specialization, partners must submit three customer references. Adobe then contacts these customers to confirm they have a high level of satisfaction with the partner services provided.

Why This Matters to You!

You want to work with an Adobe partner that has a proven and validated track record for successfully delivering Customer Journey Analytics.

This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional Adobe solutions and services. As a Customer Journey Analytics Specialized partner, we have proven our ability to integrate data from every channel into a single interface, enabling real-time omnichannel analysis and visualization. This holistic view empowers our customers to make informed decisions that drive their businesses forward.

Delivering Digital Experiences

We would like to thank our talented team of Adobe experts and our valued customers for making this accomplishment possible. As we continue to strengthen our Adobe partnership, we remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that help our clients unlock the full potential of their digital experiences.

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Meghan Frederick, Marketing Manager

Meghan Frederick is a Partner Marketing Manager supporting Perficient's Adobe and digital experience partnerships. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling to EDM festivals, and coaching CrossFit.

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