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Health Insurer Trends to Watch at AHIP 2024

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Health insurers from every corner of the country are set to assemble in Las Vegas for the 2024 AHIP conference—and here at Perficient, we’re excited to have two of our colleagues attending as well. At AHIP 2024, thought leaders will address some of the industry’s most pressing questions, and the conference will feature educational sessions, Q&As, and networking opportunities. Our healthcare experts Marybeth Wrabel, senior solutions architect, and Mike Porter, principal, will be right there in the thick of it all, taking the pulse of the health insurance landscape and connecting with other experts and attendees.

There are a few agenda items in particular that they’re looking forward to, as well as several trends and ideas that will be top-of-mind for them.

Top Trend: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unsurprisingly, AI is likely to dominate many discussions at AHIP, both on the main stage and on the sidelines. While AI—both generative, and the more traditional, more established variety–has the potential to radically change the way insurers approach their work, they must be careful to implement it in a responsible and sustainable manner. At the same time, as Mike Porter notes, many companies are worrying about whether they’re behind the curve relative to their competitors—and AHIP will provide an opportunity for the many industry players in attendance to gauge current maturity regarding AI adoption and implementation.

How We’re Approaching AI

AI can be exciting—but it can also be intimidating, if your organization isn’t sure where to start. Perficient has years of AI experience and many successful AI-focused engagements under its belt, which means a mature, developed sense of how companies can implement it most effectively. Our experts can help you identify clear business use cases and then begin with smaller projects, to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction as you ramp up your investment.

“AI in general is providing real value to our clients in the payer, life science, and provider spaces. Anyone can start quickly with these tools.” – Mike Porter

Top Trend: Transformation, Modernization, and Mandates

The health insurance industry is constantly changing, driven by the pressures it faces from customers, regulators, and market forces. Mandate-driven transformation is sure to be a key concern for AHIP attendees, as they assess the potential impact of coming rules around Prior Authorization that will require significant changes to the way they approach their business.

“The macro system itself has so many opportunities to better connect patients and members with their care. I’m interested also in how that can play a part in health equity.” – Marybeth Wrabel

How We’re Approaching Transformation, Modernization, and Mandates

There’s plenty of discussion and investment happening already among insurers, as they address interoperability and prepare for a Prior Authorization mandate in 2026. Perficient takes a holistic, continuous approach to business transformation, delivering both immediate and lasting value. As health insurance organizations face down coming mandates, it is vital that they adopt a big-picture approach to change that encompasses people, processes, and systems.

“I think payers have an opportunity to use the mandate as a springboard for change and modernization. If managed right, they can create differentiation in their offerings.” – Mike Porter

Final Thoughts Before AHIP 2024 in Vegas

Marybeth Wrabel: I enjoy gaining perspective from experts and sharing it back with colleagues and clients to help us move this industry forward through digital channels. I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and I always want to keep learning!

Mike Porter: There is both a technical point of view here as well as very specific discussions on what’s happening with trends and regulations. I think of it as a very focused week to soak it all in and then provide value to our clients.

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