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Perficient is headed to Data Cloud Summit


See you at Summit!

Snowflake’s Data Cloud Summit is being held in San Francisco, CA at the Moscone Center from June 3rd-6th. This conference brings together the best and brightest folks from all around the globe for an intuitive week of content on the Snowflake platform and its innovative use cases surrounding AI. Learn how to access, build, and monetize your data while enabling seamless alignment and collaboration in the Data Cloud.  Summit will elaborate on the newest innovations for the Data Cloud, provide excellent networking opportunities, and empower attendees to be imaginative about the future of their data. 

Meet our Attendees:

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Perficient is sending our best and brightest to investigate new use cases and applications with the Snowflake platform. Our team is looking forward to a full week of submersion into the realm of Snowflake and its exciting capabilities around AI. Our team is as follows:

  • Craig Jackson, Portfolio Specialist
  • Angela Smith, Portfolio Specialist
  • Dean Buttrey, Portfolio Specialist
  • Jerry Locke, Snowflake Delivery Lead

Thoughts Leading Up to the Event

“My excitement for the event builds with each passing day and I look to forward further expanding my network with new folks to bring the Perficient angle to Snowflake solutions.”

 Angela Smith, Southern California

“In the wake of our own sales conference, I am thrilled to bring our newest outlook for the rest of 2024 and beyond to my connections at Snowflake. The Perficient capabilities with Snowflake continue to grow and strengthen and being privileged to be the one to bring new opportunities to the light is so refreshing! See you there!”

Craig Jackson, Detroit

“This years conference is gathering thousands of individuals and promises to be the largest educational conference data, applications and AI can muster. I look forward to challenging this perspective and really ingulfing myself in the educational offerings so that I might relay innovative capabilities to my network.”

Dean Buttrey, Charlotte

Our folks are ecstatic to mingle with new individuals, further develop existing relationships and especially to collaborate on new innovative possibilities with Perficient and Snowflake. Sharing our unique expertise on the Snowflake platform and building custom solutions for our partners is what we do best!


Learn more about our partnership here! 

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Gracey Allison

Gracey is a marketing coordinator at Perficient who supports partners in the data solutions business unit, including Databricks and Snowflake. With extensive experience in the sales, marketing, and customer service industries, she is an expert communicator and creative storyteller. Gracey hopes that her time with Perficient will help her deliver valuable knowledge to help amplify the voices that go unheard.

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