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Spring 2024 Salesforce Release Brings Important Changes for Healthcare

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As of mid-February 2024, the Spring ‘24 release was generally available across all instances of Health Cloud bringing with it a host of improvements and added functionality for healthcare organizations. The new features and enhancements offer opportunities for efficiency, security, and insights.

Home Health

Advanced visit scheduling enables healthcare organizations to proactively manage care delivery, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing patient outcomes.

Integrated Care Management

Care Plans have an improved capture mechanism to update problems, goals, and interventions from multiple completed assessments within the Care Plan interface, streamlining care coordination and improving patient care.

Advanced Therapy Management

A new Electronic Signature framework ensures transparent but secure Chain of Custody events are captured efficiently. Additionally, optimized time-to-therapy enhancements and transportation logistic modeling enhance operational efficiency and compliance.

Provider Search

An updated user interface and filter customizations create a more targeted search experience across larger data sets, allowing faster access to relevant information and insights.

Referral Management

A modernized guided experience accelerates the referral process while providing enhanced insights into key referral trends, facilitating smoother transitions of care and improved collaboration among care teams.

Assessment Tracking

Critical improvements offer a comprehensive view of individuals’ assessment scores in a centralized location, boosting user productivity and facilitating informed decision-making.

Dig Deeper

All of this and much more are included in Spring ’24 for healthcare, allowing organizations to leverage advancements to drive operational efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and ultimately deliver higher-quality care. Review the full set of release notes, or contact the Health Cloud experts at Perficient and let us guide you to a more efficient healthcare technology solution!

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