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[Podcast] What if You Ran Your Innovation Lab Like a Casino? An Interview With Eisaiah Engel

Eisaiah Engel What If? So What? Blog

In the latest episode of “What If, So What?” host Jim Hertzfeld invites Eisaiah Engel, author of “Innovation Casino,” to dive deep into the essence of innovation in today’s business landscape. Engel shares his unique perspective on tackling innovation challenges across the spectrum as he and Jim explore the critical role of innovation in achieving differentiated, premium branding and generating alpha returns.

For anyone entrenched in the throes of corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, or simply fascinated by the mechanics of market-leading innovation, this episode with Eisaiah Engel is a goldmine of insights. It challenges conventional wisdom and provides a fresh perspective on achieving sustainable growth through strategic innovation.

Don’t miss this insightful journey into the heart of business innovation with Eisaiah Engel. Tune in to “What If, So What?” and equip yourself with the tools to transform your organization into an innovation powerhouse.


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Meet our Guest

Eisaiah Engel Portrait

Eisaiah Engel, Author of “Innovation Casino”

Eisaiah Engel (pronounced “Isaiah”) is a best-selling author and senior marketing manager at AT&T with expertise in driving brand growth and orchestrating digital ecosystems. Prior to AT&T, Engel founded three companies in the marketing/technology space. Engel lives in Dallas, TX, with his wife and dog.

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Meet the Host

Jim Hertzfeld

Jim Hertzfeld is Area Vice President, Strategy for Perficient. For over two decades, he has worked with clients to convert market insights into real-world digital products and customer experiences that actually grow their business.

More than just a strategist, Jim is a pragmatic rebel known for challenging the conventional and turning grand visions into actionable steps. His candid demeanor, sprinkled with a dose of cynical optimism, shapes a narrative that challenges and inspires listeners.

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