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Life at Perficient

Networking and Building Relationships from Dallas to Houston

Houston Wit

“Connection is why we’re here. We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering.”

― Brené Brown,

Houston TaHouston Wit

Set your goals high!

One of my goals this year in 2024 was to have more meaningful relationships with the areas I support! I cover several business units within Perficient, both local and national. Most are what we call our Local Business Units. These BU’s typically have an office in that location and focus on clients in and around the area. From a talent acquisition perspective, we look for colleagues who reside in those areas as well to help build and grow the geography. I am responsible for Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Ohio (as well as part of Commerce, which is a national business unit). Bobbie Armor is responsible for our CPM and Oracle ERP National Business Units.

Texas is a state of mind.

As I am sure you know Texas is HUGE, it is the second largest state in the US. We have 2 business units in Texas: Dallas and Houston. Living just north of Dallas, I fully understand the DFW metroplex. Houston, however, is an area that I am still learning about. It is vast and the suburbs surrounding it are massive. Being a visual learner it was so important to travel to Houston. I partnered up with a longtime friend/ colleague Bobbie Armor and we decided there is no time like the present. Both living in Dallas-Fort Worth we would drive to our Houston BU together to meet the leaders and teams we support from a Talent Acquisition perspective. Even if it was only for a day: the impact is huge.Dinner TA

Cherish your human connections!

Houston is home to over 100 Perficient employees! Having the opportunity to meet our colleagues in person goes a long way! You put a face to the name and become more humanized. Human connection especially post-covid era is so important.

Bobbie stated: “I have been here for 11 years and haven’t met a lot of the leaders I support.”  We divided and conquered. While she connected over lunch with her team/leaders, I attended the Women in Technology- Houston International Women’s Day Luncheon with an amazing group of women virtually and in person. There was a presentation of women who were nominated by fellow Perficient colleagues that were celebrated.

Our WiT ERG is an active and passionate community where women and their allies can share ideas, find resources, and support fellow colleagues. All Perficient colleagues are invited to join WiT!

What an incredible opportunity to truly connect and be able to shake hands or even give a hug! You have been through so much together and can continue to build upon that established relationship.


Perficient Houston

What are you doing to connect with your colleagues?

Not only did we get to meet Perficient colleagues we also got to connect with one another and continue to build our bond as Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialists!

We may plan another trip in the second half of the year to meet even more colleagues and leaders! If you are located in the Houston area, let us know and we would love to connect!

Here is a video highlighting our trip:

Houston Trip

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Katie Burwell, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Katie Burwell is an experienced technical recruiter passionate about building relationships and creating brand awareness. Understanding the importance of sharing content and being a thought leader helps build trust in the communities she serves. She is a Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist for several local business units, including Dallas, Houston, and Ohio, and national business units, Commerce and Oracle. While she may support those business units, she is also willing to help in whatever capacity she can! Katie often gives back to her community and is an avid Down Syndrome advocate.

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