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How to Use the Personalization Connector for Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds

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Have you ever wondered what happens if you connected Personalization with Sales and Service Clouds? The Personalization connector for Sales and Service Clouds exposes user data and server-side campaigns in Salesforce CRM for your contacts and leads.

✋ The Key for Success

To use Personalization for Sales and Service Clouds, you’ll need to have:

  1. User identity systems fully working. The user needs to exist inside the CRM, and you will need to make a match using the same attributes you use in Personalization. For instance, if you’re matching with email addresses in Personalization, ensure that your Contact or Lead has the corresponding email.
  2. The Personalization dataset needs to be fully working with catalog items or promotions. In addition, you’ll be sending Einstein Recipes, so it’s crucial to ensure this functionality as well.

Ensure both elements are functioning seamlessly for immediate results.

👉 Connect Both Tools

With Personalization now operational, you can now integrate with Sales Cloud. You need to install the “Interaction Studio Connector for Sales and Service Cloud” from AppExchange in Sales Cloud. This managed package includes Apex classes and four key lightning components that are used to display Personalization data.

To make it work, you need to:

  1. Create an API token in Personalization to send events and access the API. This token exposes all datasets in Personalization and their information.
  2. Create a Named Credential in CRM using the API token from Personalization.

Named Credential


👉 Access the Data

After you’ve set up the connection, it’s time to add the components to the Contact or Lead page layout. For these three components, I’ll show how they interact with your data.

  1. Event Stream
  2. Affinity Graph
  3. Next Best Recommendation

Each component must align a CRM attribute with a Personalization Identity Type, and it’s crucial to specify the dataset, ensuring that known users in CRM (contacts or leads) are associated with the chosen dataset.

✔️ Event Stream Component

Event Stream

This component gives you information about the interactions your contact or lead is having with the site. You’ll be able to know what the contact or lead is doing on the site, where they are going, and the date and time they did a specific thing.

Take into account that it won’t refresh every 15 seconds like it does in Personalization, and it won’t give all the specific details you can see inside Personalization.

✔️ Affinity Graph Component

Affinities Blog by TimeAffinities Blog by view

The affinity component gives you a better perspective on how your contact or lead interacts with a client’s product. This component works with the collected information about the different catalog objects you have set in Personalization.

Affinities Filter

You can filter by view time, purchases, views, and revenue, and you can add one for each catalog object you have.

✔️ Next Best Recommendation Component

This component requires additional refinement as it necessitates exposing a Server-Side campaign in Personalization to send the outcomes of a chosen Einstein Recipe.

Next Best Recommendation

This campaign will return recommendations based on how the recipe is set, from trending products to co-browsed items or any eligible item.

Each time the contact record is open, you can get the triggered interaction for the campaign in the Event Stream of Personalization and in CRM.

Event Stream Recommendation

Event Stream in Personalization


Perficient + Salesforce 

With its ability to seamlessly expose Personalization information in CRM, this connector opens new possibilities for enhancing your team’s performance. At Perficient, we are ready to ensure the success of your endeavors.

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At the heart of our mission is our belief in lifting up people and communities. By leveraging our global team’s skills and resources, we strive to solve complex business problems and leave a meaningful impact on society.

Join us in our journey to revolutionize the way businesses connect, engage, and thrive in the digital era.

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