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Cultural Bridges: Insights from Perficient’s Integration


In the dynamic world of corporate mergers and acquisitions, merging different organizational cultures often presents both challenges and opportunities. This was precisely the focus of the first Cultural Connections ERG panel of 2024 organized by Perficient, where members from various regions shared their experiences and insights on how to navigate the integration process and leverage it for professional growth. 

The panel introduced a diverse array of voices, each offering a unique perspective shaped by their respective roles and backgrounds. From Felipe Acevedo and Carlos Hernandez from Colombia to Gustavo Gonzalez from Chile, Karla Ibarra from Mexico and Danilo Saczewiczyk from Argentina, provided evidence of how Perficient’s integration with various companies in Latin America has developed, highlighting the impact of these companies on what Perficient is today. 


Empowering Cultural Growth through Communication and Collaboration 

The key message of the forum highlighted the importance of fostering a strong organizational culture based on putting people first, emphasizing how Perficient’s commitment to shared core values facilitated a seamless integration process, enabling the effective delivery of value to customers. 

The discussion went deeper into staffing methods, cultural disparities, and the unifying thread of shared values between the acquired entities. Carlos, with his unique perspective on the transition from PSL to Overactive and finally to Perficient, provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape and the importance of cultural cohesion. 

Karla Ibarra, as Lead of Talent Acquisition in Mexico, shed light on the complexities of staffing challenges in Latin America, where clear expectations, standardized processes, and effective communication are paramount. Panelists acknowledged the obstacles but highlighted the growth potential inherent in overcoming them together. 

Danilo brought to the conversation the importance of cultural diversity and dedication that prevails among Latin Americans. Known for their infectious joy, boundless enthusiasm, and unwavering determination to foster cross-cultural understanding, Latin American professionals play a pivotal role in bridging differences. As part of a global organization, our collaborative efforts extend beyond borders, embracing colleagues from North America, Europe, and India. Navigating diverse time zones and languages, we embrace the challenges and opportunities that arise from our global interactions, uniting to drive collective success. 

Gustavo emphasized the importance of the HRVP role in Overactive, and how it has been implemented at Perficient and has impacted in the best way in Colombia and Mexico, where it was a brand-new function. This role has been instrumental in aligning the people strategy with business objectives and fostering career growth opportunities. 

Looking Ahead: A Journey of Inspiration 

Panelists unanimously agreed on the vital role of communication in navigating cultural overlaps and fostering a cohesive work environment. Despite the challenges posed by language barriers and process diversity, they stressed the importance of embracing diversity as a catalyst for innovation and growth. 

In conclusion, the panelists reflected a sense of optimism and resilience, highlighting the transformative power of shared core values in shaping a new organizational culture. They emphasized the need for continued dialogue, learning, and adaptation as Perficient continues to chart its course in Latin America and beyond. 

As Perficient embarks on its journey of integration and growth, the lessons learned from this panel serve as a guiding light of inspiration to foster collaboration, embrace diversity, and drive collective success. Through a concerted effort to unite cultures and leverage the best of each team, Perficient is poised to achieve remarkable results and inspire others along the way. 

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María Cortázar Ortigoza

María Fernanda Cortázar is Marketing Coordinator at Perficient with experience in talent attraction and external engagement. Her passion lies in bringing Perficient's culture to a wide audience and connecting with thousands of people to promote the company's growth and values. She is based in Colombia.

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