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[Podcast] What If Your Data Could Speak? The AI Revolution in BI. An interview with Nico Frantzen.

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In this episode, Jim Hertzfeld speaks with Nico Frantzen, director of data and AI solutions at Perficient, as they explore the transformative role of generative AI in business intelligence (BI). Nico explains how generative AI and BI come together to create generative BI, which revolutionizes decision-making and data analysis and enables businesses to access insights faster and more effectively.

This is a must-listen for anyone eager to understand the future of BI across industries.

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Meet our Guest

Nico Frantzen

Nico Frantzen is a seasoned professional in the realm of data and AI solutions. With a passion for technology and an innate drive for innovative solutions, Nico brings a wealth of experience in architecting intricate solutions to real business challenges.

Since 2022, Nico has served as lead architect for a groundbreaking clinical data review platform at a global pharmaceutical leader. His expertise lies in navigating the complexities of technology to create transformative solutions that not only meet but exceed industry expectations.

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Meet the Host

Jim Hertzfeld

Jim Hertzfeld is Principal and Chief Strategist for Perficient. For over two decades, he has worked with clients to convert market insights into real-world digital products and customer experiences that actually grow their business.

More than just a strategist, Jim is a pragmatic rebel known for challenging the conventional and turning grand visions into actionable steps. His candid demeanor, sprinkled with a dose of cynical optimism, shapes a narrative that challenges and inspires listeners.

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