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Revving Up Perficient’s Partnership with UANL Racing Team


Perficient is revving up its commitment to the future of automotive initiative with the innovation of its Electrifying the Future of Automotive program, supporting college Formula SAE racing teams. The Formula SAE program empowers college students to design, build, and race formula-style racing cars, including electric vehicles (EVs), in national and global Formula SAE competitions. For the first time ever, Perficient is expanding its program to Mexico by partnering with the  Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL) Racing team in Monterrey!  

About the UANL Racing Team 

UANL Team PhotoThe UANL racing team is a multidisciplinary team that is dedicated to providing young engineering professionals with training and experience to help them jumpstart their careers. This collaboration enables university students to immerse themselves with hands-on experience in the world of designing, building, and competing with cutting-edge formula-style vehicles. In 2024, the team hopes to race on the global stage and has set its sights on the prestigious Formula SAE Michigan event at the Michigan International Speedway, scheduled for May 8th to May 11th. As one of the largest and most renowned Formula SAE events, this competition promises to showcase the skills and innovation of the UANL Racing team to a huge audience. 

Perficient’s Engagements 

Uanl CarAs part of the Electrifying the Future of Automotive program, Perficient’s automotive industry experts will meet with UANL students to share how automotive companies work with digital consultancies like Perficient, discuss career opportunities, tour team garages, and support each team as they compete. 

Additionally, we are truly honored to have our logo represented on the UANL Racing Team’s car. It’s a privilege to be associated with such a talented and driven group of individuals. Our sponsorship is about supporting the next generation of engineers and we are excited to be partnering with the talented UANL team this year! 

We are also excited to collaborate with the UANL Racing team on a video showcasing the collaboration between Perficient and the UANL team.  


With the Autonomous University of Nuevo León just 15 minutes away from our Monterrey office, our team is very excited to engage with team events such as the car unveiling. This event will allow our team to get a first look at the UANL Racing Team’s cutting-edge vehicle that they worked diligently to develop. This will be an exciting opportunity UANL Car for the Perficient and UANL teams to interact and celebrate the culmination of the student’s hard work together.  

Celebrating Our Partnership 

Our Monterrey office is abuzz with excitement about this new sponsorship. To celebrate the partnership and showcase their enthusiasm, the office has planned various events and activities including employee engagement opportunities and a team meet and greet. 

Perficient’s commitment to fostering automotive talent goes beyond geographical boundaries. The expansion of the program into Mexico signifies an embrace of diversity and excitement to collaborate with the young minds that will drive the future of global automotive innovation. 

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