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Keith Wolf Leverages His Design Expertise to Create Impactful, Strategic Digital Experiences


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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital, Keith Wolf is not only a Director in our Digital Strategy practice but also a strategic veteran. Prior to joining Perficient, Keith founded and operated a digital innovation firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He leveraged his creative background and served as the company’s Chief Creative Officer for more than two decades. During this time, Keith was instrumental in helping Fortune 100 companies ignite innovation through digital exploration and experience design. His motto at the time was “We can’t do everything, but we can do anything.” 

In recent years, as most companies are reaching digital maturity, Keith was driven to apply his expertise on a global scale with end-to-end capabilities. Naturally, Keith’s curiosity drew him to Perficient, a global consultancy that delivered technology and experience, both of which are equally important in the world of Digital. 

Mirroring his career journey, Keith stated that, “Strategy must constantly evolve.” With nearly three years at Perficient, Keith inherently leverages his industry knowledge to unveil and deliver unparalleled strategic value to clients. Continue reading to learn more about Keith, his design expertise, and what he does to create impactful digital experiences. 

Describe your current role. What does a day in the life look like?  

In my day-to-day as a digital strategist, I work across our portfolio to bring strategic digital perspectives and insights into experience opportunities. I work closely with the Managing Director of Experience Design (XD), Erin Rushman, to support the growth of the customer experience (CX) strategy across Perficient.  

How do you successfully approach collaboration with cross-functional teams and stakeholders? 

I think of collaboration as 80% listening and 20% doing. Some people think it’s about their voice being heard, but I think it’s about listening, considering multiple angles of diverse thinking, and using these perspectives to develop better solutions. When we deliver solutions across multiple business units, the solution is more well-rounded. It has our best experts looking at it from different angles, and that solution is naturally more immersed in our expertise. 

What does it mean to you that Perficient was named a Major Player in the IDC MarketScapes: Worldwide Experience Design Services and Worldwide Experience Build Services 2023-2024 Vendor Assessments?  

We have some of the smartest people in consulting at Perficient, and it’s important we’re able to share the breadth and depth of our brand on a broader scale. I think our position as a Major Player in these Worldwide IDC MarketScapes is instrumental in ensuring our story is told comprehensively, and I believe it demonstrates our ability to excel among end-to-end consultancies across the world. Beyond this, I think our position as a Major Player underscores Perficient’s extensive global reach and emphasizes our commitment to digital experience as a crucial factor in differentiating our clients’ strategies. 

How do you feel our Global Innovation and Industry Centers are beneficial to our clients?  

I think our customers expect global reach, meaning global in the translation of concepts, but also the ability to reach multiple geographies for delivery. These Industry and Innovation Centers enable us to do business in multiple geographies and provide a space for customers to meet Perficient team members in person, solve problems, and create solutions efficiently, all with global reach and depth.  

Can you explain why a consumer-driven mindset is pivotal when it comes to design?  

Perficient prioritizes a consumer-driven methodology, which allows us to see problems through the lens of the customer to better meet their individual needs. These investments grow our clients’ businesses by better meeting the needs of their customers. Many organizations think about design through the lens of their business, solving solutions they think their customers will use, but when they get to market, they find that their customers aren’t satisfied or engaged.  

What makes you so passionate about design, and what led you to pursue a career in Experience Design?  

I like to say, “Design isn’t an outcome, design is a process.” When you think about design as a process, there’s value in that process, whether we’re solving a problem that may exist, closing a gap that a customer has in their experience, or identifying new ways a brand can deliver value. This comes through understanding where an opportunity is and creatively problem-solving, which is what gets me excited about design.  

Where do you see the future of experience design heading, and are there emerging technologies or concepts that you think will shape the future of the field?  

I’m a true believer that most organizations have heavily invested in IT infrastructure, and I believe their next investment will be in CX. When I say that, I mean the design of the customer experience and the process of a consumer-driven design. I believe XD’s future lies in its evolution through robust processes, offering numerous advantages along the way.  

One notable advantage, for example, is the utilization of Generative AI, which enables the creation of highly personalized solutions. Various technologies are aiding us in refining concepts and ideas, whether it’s within our Industry and Innovation Centers or through the exploration of new and emerging technologies. I think the future of CX is bright, and Perficient is ready. 


How do you adapt your design strategies to keep up with the evolving landscape of technology and user expectations?  

This is something I feel a lot of customers struggle with. I think it ultimately boils down to the organizational mindset and prioritizing the delivery of experiences through an iterative approach. If customers aren’t thinking about their experiences in this agile and iterative way, they’ll quickly fall behind. 

How have you personally helped advance Perficient’s business during your career here?  

To continue Perficient’s growth trajectory, I believe we have to build our future on the foundation of our past. I work to inject creativity and portray the value of our ideas into every pursuit and delivery I touch. We must create new foundations in our product to add creative value to our foundations of technology and implementation. This is something especially important as it relates to CX and ensuring we create engaging experiences that connect with customers.   

What advice would you offer to someone starting a career at Perficient?  

Network. Network. Network. Make a conscious effort to get to know those around you, but also those who may be more distant. Having a broad understanding of how Perficient is consistently delivering value to our customers will help you shape your role individually. We’re all a part of something bigger than ourselves at Perficient. We have so many smart and interesting people that if you’re not reaching out, you aren’t growing. 


It’s no secret our success is because of our people. No matter the technology or time zone, our colleagues are committed to delivering innovative, end-to-end digital solutions for the world’s biggest brands, and we bring a collaborative spirit to every interaction. We’re always seeking the best and brightest to work with us. Join our team and experience a culture that challenges, champions, and celebrates our people.  

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