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Time to Celebrate Sitecore Order Cloud Specialization!

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Order Cloud Specialization 2024This past week was one to celebrate for the Perficient DXP team, as Sitecore awarded us their Order Cloud Specialization. Sitecore takes certification seriously and only recognizes partners with a Specialization if they have proven a deep understanding of the products and a track record of success on relevant projects. The Order Cloud Specialization is the fourth that Perficient has earned in addition to badges for CDP & Personalize, Content Hub and Sitecore XP. This gives us all the partner specializations that Sitecore currently offers.

Even as a Platinum Partner with an experienced team and a lot of helping hands at Sitecore, most of our folks would likely agree that it’s no joke to learn these new products and gain the skills – and confidence – to deliver outstanding composable solutions to our clients. I’m grateful for how Martin Miles, Neha Pasi, Mahima Patel, Mark Ursino and many others – rolled up their sleeves and dug in to gain a deep understanding of these new composable Sitecore offerings.

About Order Cloud

Order Cloud is a robust and flexible e-commerce platform designed to empower businesses in managing their entire order lifecycle. Integrated within the Sitecore ecosystem, Order Cloud provides a comprehensive solution that goes beyond traditional e-commerce platforms. It enables businesses to seamlessly orchestrate complex B2B, B2C and B2B2C transactions, offering unparalleled flexibility in creating personalized, scalable, and secure online purchasing experiences.

With features like advanced product catalog management, dynamic pricing, and workflow automation, Order Cloud empowers organizations to adapt to evolving market demands and deliver a frictionless buying journey for their customers. Perficient’s certification as an Order Cloud Specialized Sitecore Partner underscores its ability to leverage this powerful platform, bringing innovative e-commerce solutions to clients across Industries.

Order Cloud also stands at the forefront of modern e-commerce solutions by embracing headless commerce principles and a MACH architecture. Adopting a headless approach allows businesses to decouple the front-end presentation layer from the backend commerce functionality, providing unparalleled flexibility in designing and delivering unique user experiences across various touchpoints.

The platform’s MACH architecture, emphasizing Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless, ensures agility, scalability, and seamless integrations. This architectural approach enables businesses to adapt quickly to changing market needs, integrate with third-party services effortlessly, and future-proof their e-commerce infrastructure. Perficient’s certification as an Order Cloud Specialized Sitecore Partner signifies its commitment to delivering innovative, future-ready solutions that harness the power of headless commerce and MACH architecture for enhanced digital experiences.

Bringing Our Deep Commerce Capabilities to Order Cloud.

Although the specialization in Order Cloud is new, Perficient has extensive commerce capabilities, providing comprehensive commerce solutions aimed at creating seamless digital experiences for businesses using a broad range of commerce related technologies. Our expertise encompasses a range of services, including end-to-end e-commerce solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. With a focus on digital strategy, Perficient helps businesses define and implement effective strategies that drive engagement, conversion, and customer satisfaction.

Justin Racine, Principal of Perficient’s Commerce practice describes our commerce focus as “The traditional way of approaching e-commerce is long gone, we are now in the era of big C Commerce. This means that brands need to focus on finding ways to unify the journey that consumers are on – and digital commerce experiences are just one spoke of that wheel. The rest of that wheel is made up of various channels and ordering flows that customers have access to. The way forward in this new world is to unify all of these channels and experiences so that regardless of where the customers are, the experience is uniquely tailored to who they are, not who they look like. At Perficient, we focus on enabling these connected commerce experiences for our clients in a multitude of industries and approaches.”

Perficient is Here for You

Perficient’s recent achievement of Sitecore Order Cloud Specialization marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative commerce solutions. As a Platinum Partner with a proven track record in various Sitecore specializations, including CDP & Personalize, Content Hub, and Sitecore XP, Perficient stands out as a trusted partner for your Order Cloud project.

Our deep expertise in successful commerce solutions, combined with a profound understanding of Order Cloud and the broader Sitecore composable suite, positions Perficient as the ideal partner for businesses looking to elevate their digital commerce experiences. Whether you’re embarking on a new Order Cloud project or navigating your unique commerce journey, Perficient is here to guide you.

Connect with me on  LinkedIn, Twitter or fill out our contact form to explore how Perficient can bring unparalleled value to your Order Cloud initiatives. Let’s transform your digital commerce journey together.

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David is the Prinicpal of the Sitecore and Optimizely practice at Perficient, David estimates, architects and delivers digital marketing solutions at scale on the Sitecore Platform. A 4X Sitecore Technology MVP, David has written articles for MSDN Magazine and the Microsoft Architecture Journal. He has spoken at Sitecore Symposium, Sitecore Virtual Developer Day, user group meetings and code camps.

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