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Perficient Recognized As A Notable Telecom, Media, and Entertainment Industry Consultancy

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The lines are blurring among communications, media, and technology (CMT) companies, and consumers are demanding exceptional experiences across the board. Products and services must be hyper-personalized, digital-first, and accessible in any place and at any time. With expectations so high, the pressure is even higher for these companies to effortlessly tackle frequent mergers and acquisitions as well as changing business models without allowing quality to suffer. 

Fortunately, advancements in tools like generative AI present new opportunities for these CMT companies to scale efficiently while improving customer experiences. Implementing these automation tools and other innovative strategies in collaboration with an industry-focused digital consultancy would make the difference for these companies struggling to drive loyalty, reduce costs, streamline operations, and more. 

Embracing Digital Transformation 

Delivering content, entertainment, and communications capabilities to each time zone and continent requires a robust strategy coupled with flawless execution. It includes embracing the newest technologies and fully optimizing legacy ones. CMT companies must take full advantage of maturing 5G connectivity, automations, self-service and contact center capabilities, cloud transformation, and intelligent supply chain management. 

We are proud to announce that Perficient has been recognized by a leading global technology research and advisory firm’s report highlighting notable telecommunications, media, and entertainment industry consultancies in North America. We are committed to helping CMT companies tackle these challenges with our award-winning solutions and the depth and breadth of our capabilities and expertise.  

We believe our inclusion is a testament to our approach with every partnership in which we work to holistically understand the business and implement strategies that accomplish and exceed our clients’ goals. We use our understanding of the latest trends and long-term disruptors for the CMT industry as our guide to build relevant and useful strategic end-to-end capabilities for clients in the space.  

Connect, Inspire, and Innovate with Perficient 

Looking forward, Perficient is excited to continue building out our industry expertise and help CMT companies tackle the newest challenges in the industry like hyper-personalization, 5G content monetization, emerging technology product development, and rising churn rates.  

Thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape with Perficient’s communications, media, and technology industry expertise. 

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Kevin Colletti, Director, Digital Strategy & Innovation

Kevin Colletti is Director of Digital Strategy at Perficient. He has extensive experience working with client senior management teams to develop innovative digital strategies driven by measurable results. Creating simplified digital solutions out of complex client problems is where he thrives the most.

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