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People of Perficient: Nadine Nassar

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In the ever-evolving world of technology, Perficient continues to shine with exceptional talent that drives innovation. Today, we bring you the story of Nadine Nassar, a dynamic Technical Consultant, whose journey from Lebanon to Houston has been nothing short of inspiring.

“Walk me through your career journey, where did you start, and how did you get to where you are now?”

Nadine’s adventure with Perficient began fresh out of college. Born and raised in Lebanon, she pursued her passion for technology by studying computer engineering with a specialization in telecommunication and AI. Eager to kickstart her career, Nadine set her sights on Texas, applying for positions that aligned with her expertise.

After accepting her position, Nadine found her home in Houston, Texas, joining Perficient as a Technical Consultant supporting our Data Solutions business unit. Her transition from Lebanon to the United States exposed her to various cultural differences, and one aspect that stood out for her was the American emphasis on customer service, a value she also sees reflected in Perficient’s approach to clients and colleagues.

In her role as a Technical Consultant, Nadine excels in staying well-versed in technology trends. Her focus lies in understanding how these trends and technologies can be harnessed to meet business needs and objectives. Particularly specializing in the AI field, Nadine’s responsibilities also include strategic planning to help clients achieve their business goals and providing recommendations for optimal solutions.

What are some of your favorite takeaways and memories so far from being with Perficient?

With currently over 2 years at Perficient, she credits the company for setting the bar high, especially as her first job out of college. Reflecting on her journey so far, Nadine admires Perficient’s commitment to professional development for all colleagues. The abundance of resources, such as Udemy courses, has enabled her to continually advance her skill set.

One standout memory for Nadine was attending one of our annual Mark Cuban AI Foundation Bootcamps, where she not only met colleagues in person but also volunteered to help teach local students about the fascinating world of AI. As a remote employee, Nadine truly appreciates these moments of face-to-face connection with colleagues outside the traditional 9-5 work hours.

What can we find you doing outside of the typical 9-5?

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Outside of working hours, Nadine has a passion for live music and is a regular at local concerts. Originating from the Middle East and Europe, where reselling tickets is not typically permitted, she is embracing the freedom to attend as many performances as she can in the United States. Proudly proclaiming Beyoncé as on of her favorite artist, Nadine is excited about checking off as many artists and she can on her concert bucket list. As a newcomer to the Houston region, she is also eagerly anticipating the iconic Houston Rodeo, a significant part of the local culture.

As a valuable asset to Perficient, Nadine’s story reflects the diverse and innovative spirit that defines our company. We’re proud to have her on the team, contributing to Perficient’s success in the ever-expanding tech landscape.


It’s no secret our success is because of our people. No matter the technology or time zone, our colleagues are committed to delivering innovative, end-to-end digital solutions for the world’s biggest brands, and we bring a collaborative spirit to every interaction. We’re always seeking the best and brightest to work with us. Join our team and experience a culture that challenges, champions, and celebrates our people. 

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