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Optimizely Configured Commerce Spire CMS Enhancement


Optimizely Configured Commerce Spire CMS added new enhancement that will help to maintain Configured Commerce site.

Install third-party NPM Packages

Installing third-party NPM Packages in Optimizely Configured Commerce Spire CMS is a new functionality included in Optimizely’s most recent release. Optimizely uses the Workspaces feature of NPM to link the blueprint packages and the Spire package. Now, Configured Commerce lets partners and clients to install and use third-party NPM packages as needed within Spire CMS.

The following list contains the allowed license types of 3rd party NPM packages:

  • MIT
  • Apache-2.0
  • BSD-3-Clause
  • BSD-2-Clause
  • BSD-like
  • (OFL-1.1 AND MIT)
  • (MIT OR Apache-2.0)
  • (MIT AND BSD-3-Clause)

Admin Translation Settings

In July 2023 release, Language translation for the Admin Console is supported by Optimizely Configured Commerce, including:

  • English (EN)
  • German (DE)
  • Spanish (ES)
  • French (FR)
  • Dutch (NL)
  • Swedish (SE)

To change the Language Code, go to Admin Console > Settings > System Settings > Admin Translation Settings.


Use the Sign In Overlay

In July 2023 release, Optimizely Configured Commerce added new feature in Spire CMS to allow users to sign in without being redirected to the Sign In page using the Sign In Overlay in Spire. The page refreshes once a user logs in using the overlay, and any current selections persist, such as product list filters.


Remove Promotion Codes Without Clearing Cart

In May 2023 release, Optimizely Configured Commerce added new feature in Spire CMS to allow customers to remove promotion codes without clearing their Cart. Now customer can remove in individual promotion on checkout page.


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