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Perficient’s Impressive Oil and Gas Industry Expertise and Capabilities Continue To Be Recognized 

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As oil and gas companies face a future of flux and rapid energy transition, remaining competitive requires either full-fledged digital transformation or major components of it. Specifically, automated workflows and connected worker solutions are improving the employee experience and productivity. Further, direct consumers are demanding digital experiences tailored to their expectations. In response, there is also a rising interest from these organizations to invest in CX as well as data and personalization. As a result, there has been a huge increase in modernization, diversification, and optimization of past digital investments.  

The Digital Oil and Gas Industry Landscape 

Digital transformation this deep and extensive requires a solutions partner with industry expertise and proven award-winning solutions. With unique priorities such as considering strategies to tackle the disruption caused by electric vehicle adoption and renewable energy demand, the time is now to find a partner who can assist with customer journey science insights, artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, regulatory compliance like ESG tracking and reporting, digital twin modelling, and more.   

Perficient was recently recognized yet again in a leading global technology research and advisory firm’s report featuring noteworthy digital solutions consultancies partnering with oil and gas companies across North America and Europe. We are committed to helping oil and gas companies accelerate and thrive in their strategies to transition to green technology and reduce carbon emissions. We’re proud to be recognized as a notable digital consultancy helping oil and gas companies stay competitive in an evolving landscape full of energy transition challenges. 

As oil and gas companies look across their product lifecycles and reimagine the way they go to market, Perficient has proven expertise in delivering world-class digital solutions for their needs. “Each oil and gas company faces its own unique set of challenges, and Perficient is poised to meet them where they are and partner with them throughout their transformations,” said John Latham, General Manager of Houston, Perficient. 

More Than 250 of the World’s Leading Energy Companies Have Trusted Us 

Perficient’s long-standing partnerships with oil and gas companies, as well as all other types of energy and utilities companies, have allowed its experts to build an impressive base of knowledge and solutions tailored to global energy organizations. Our work spans the depth and breadth of the industry’s challenges with impressive digital solutions for worker safety, automated workflows, data tracking and reporting, immersive experiences, and more.  

Learn more about Perficient’s oil and gas strategy and technology solutions. 

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Sean McGrath

Sean is a principal and digital strategy lead for the energy & utilities industry. He has more than 25 years of experience in technology, continuous improvement, and management consulting.

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