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Perficient Successfully Partners with Mark Cuban Foundation to Host AI Bootcamps in Four Cities

Mark Cuban AI Bootcamp

Perficient had the honor of collaborating with the Mark Cuban Foundation for a third year to host impactful Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bootcamps for high school students in Dallas, Houston, Detroit, and St. Louis. Our colleagues have a strong passion for making a difference in their communities, and partnering with the Mark Cuban foundation to advance STEM education has been an incredible experience for all involved. Read on below to see how each of our local teams connected with their communities and helped drive the next generation of technology leaders forward.   


For the second year in a row, we welcomed an impressive group of 21-24 eager high school students for each of the four weekends of our AI Bootcamp in Houston. Supported by a team of 16 dedicated Perficient volunteer mentors, this experience was more than just an educational endeavor – it was a collaborative journey to shape the future of tech leaders. 

Our passionate mentors, committed to nurturing the potential of the next generation, played a pivotal role in guiding students through the intricate landscape of AI concepts and applications. 

“The program was incredible. From an educational perspective, it was a great opportunity for kids to see the basic theories and principles around AI Design. The kids learned over the course of four days enough to participate in an assignment that gave them an opportunity to pitch their own AI Based Concepts and Solutions. We as an organization were blown away by the kids. They were incredibly smart and driven. I think the consensus from our Houston camp was that the future of technology and AI is in good hands with this young generation.”

–  Alex McBride, Senior Project Manager

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For its third consecutive year, our Dallas AI Bootcamp drew the enthusiasm of 28 high school students, each ready to embark on a transformative journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence. Committed to fostering the next generation of tech leaders, Perficient brought together a team of 13 dedicated volunteers to guide these aspiring innovators through a four-day intensive program. 

The Dallas Bootcamp not only provided a platform for immersive learning but also served as a stage for students to interact with AI pioneers and experts as guest speakers. These luminaries shared their insights, experiences, and wisdom, igniting a spark of curiosity and fueling the students’ passion for AI. 

Img 1204Throughout the program, students delved into a diverse range of AI tools and applications. This hands-on exploration equipped them with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the principles and theories behind AI design. The success of the camp was evident as students with newfound expertise actively participated in an assignment challenging them to pitch their own AI-based concepts and solutions. One notable aspect of the Dallas Bootcamp was the students’ impressive showcase on the last day. With passion and precision, they presented a variety of AI ideas that ranged from groundbreaking solutions to forward-thinking applications. 

“In Dallas, the theme was clear – ‘Accelerating Imagination – AI Unleashed.’ As Perficient and the Mark Cuban Foundation continue to collaborate, these AI Bootcamps stand as a testament to the boundless potential and bright future of AI, driven by the passion and creativity of the next generation.”

-Srini Kotaru, Senior Project Manager


St. Louis 

In St. Louis, Perficient proudly hosted 25 ambitious high school students for its first-ever AI Bootcamp experience. Over the course of several weekends, our dedicated team of 21 mentors and volunteers, each contributing their expertise, worked hand-in-hand with these young minds to unravel the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence. 

The St. Louis AI Bootcamp was a remarkable opportunity for students to dive into the possibilities that AI offers, sparking their curiosity and expanding their understanding of the limitless potential within AI. Our mentors, driven by a passion for nurturing emerging talent, were pivotal in guiding students through the multifaceted landscape of AI concepts and applications. 

As the students immersed themselves in a hands-on exploration of AI tools and applications, they gained valuable insights into the principles and theories underlying AI design. The Bootcamp not only served as an educational platform but also as a space for students to interact with industry experts and pioneers who shared their experiences, igniting the flames of curiosity and a passion for AI innovation. 

“We are investing in the communities that Perficient supports for future generations. It ties in perfectly with our belief system and everything we stand for.”

– Amy Barondeau, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

To top off the excitement of the bootcamps, Mark Cuban himself even popped in to give these future leaders in tech some insight! 

Img 1158


In the motor city, we had 13 students and 6 volunteers. Throughout several weekends, our passionate students in Detroit got the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience with AI through hands-on workshops. These workshops helped demystify complex concepts, from building basic models to tackling real-world problems as demonstrated by the students’ final capstone project.

In addition to hands-on experiences, our students had the opportunity to engage with and establish valuable connections with industry experts and thought leaders in AI. These professionals shared insights, stories, and practical advice that helped fuel their passion for AI and data.

“Beyond the technical skills acquired, there is also a sense of empowerment and opening doors to futures yet to be imagined. The students should now view themselves as architects of change and innovators of tomorrow. My hope is that as they take their newfound knowledge back to their schools and neighborhoods, the impact multiplies.”

– Gugu Mabuza, Director CDDO Consulting

Ready to Grow Your Career 

As we reflect on the culmination of Perficient’s collaborative efforts with the Mark Cuban Foundation in hosting transformative AI Bootcamps across Dallas, Houston, Detroit and St. Louis, it is evident that the impact has been profound. 

At Perficient, we are consistently committed to empowering our skilled workforce by providing compelling projects for esteemed clients, fostering personal and professional development through dedicated training and mentorship programs, and embracing a vibrant culture that centers around our people and their inventive contributions to both Perficient and the community. 

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