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SQL Server Space Monitoring

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On Operational projects that involves heavy data volume load on a daily basis, there’s a need to monitor the DB Disk Space availability. Over a period of time, the size grows occupying the disk space. While there are best practices to handle the size by adopting strategies of Purge for outdated data and add buffer/temp/data/log space to address the growing needs, it is necessary to be aware of the Disk space and consistently monitor for further actions.

If Admin access is not available to validate the Available, building Automations can help monitor the space and necessary steps before the DB causes Performance issues/failures.

Regarding the DB Space monitoring, IICS Informatica Job can be created with a Data Task to execute DB (SQL Server) Metadata tables query to check for the Available Space and Emails can be triggered once Free space goes below the threshold percentage (ex., 20 %).

IICS Mapping Design below (scheduled Daily once). Email alerts would contain the Metric percent values.




Note : Email alerts will be triggered only if the Threshold limit exceeds.

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IICS ETL Code Details :


  1. Data Task is used to get the Used space of the SQL Server Log and Data files.




Query to check if Used space exceeds 80% . I Used space exceeds the Threshold limit (User can set this to a specific value like 80%), and send an Email alert.




If D:\Out_file.dat has data (data populated when Used space exceeds 80%) the Decision task is activated and Email alert is triggered.



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