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The Use Case for Internal “ChatGPT”: Enhancing Efficiency and Security

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Perficient’s Generative AI Lab, part of our larger Generative AI Innovation Group, is consistently exploring and implementing use cases for generative AI and helping clients operationalize it with policies, advocacy, controls, and enablement. 

One use case organizations can consider is Internal “ChatGPT”, which can offer a secure and efficient way for companies to leverage the power of chatbots while maintaining control over their internal data. 

What Does Internal ChatGPT Do? 

Internal ChatGPT can enable employees to retrieve information from various documents and databases within a company’s internal network. Users can upload documents in different formats, such as PDFs or Word documents, and request summaries, bullet-point lists, or ask questions related to content and receive simple and direct responses. This solution streamlines information retrieval, enhances productivity, and ensures data security by keeping sensitive information within the company’s internal network. 

Why Should Organizations Consider Internal ChatGPT? 

There are several reasons companies should consider implementing Internal ChatGPT: 

  • Easier navigation of company information: Whether it’s searching for specific policies, historical company data, or industry-specific knowledge, employees can simply interact with the chatbot to obtain the company information they need. This eliminates the need for manual searches through multiple documents, saving valuable time for employees. 
  • Enhanced privacy and security: One of the primary concerns for companies when employees use external AI tools or platforms is the risk of data leakage. With Internal ChatGPT, employees still benefit from the efficiency of AI without the need to rely on external tools.  
  • Customized use cases: Internal ChatGPT can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each company. Whether it’s HR policies, industry-specific regulations, sales history, or other use cases, the chatbot can be trained to provide accurate and relevant information based on your business needs. 

What’s Next? 

Interested in how Internal ChatGPT could benefit your company, or would you like to explore other use cases for your organization? Contact us today. 

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