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Perficient Included in Forrester’s Application Modernization And Migration Services Landscape

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In today’s world, enterprises must put an emphasis on their cloud transformation, or they’ll be left behind. To have success, organizations must adopt cloud in concert with business vision to deliver digital initiatives and strategic goals. One of the leading drivers of digital transformation is application modernization and migration, but unfortunately, not everyone has the internal resources to champion these efforts on their own. Finding the right partner is an integral step to propel business forward. Selecting a partner with an experienced track record, as well as the breadth and depth to back it up, will put you well on your way to achieving your business goals.

The Application Modernization and Migration Services Landscape, Q4 2023

The recently published Forrester Application Modernization and Migration Services Landscape, Q4 2023 report defines application modernization and migration services as, “Services that facilitate the transformation of application assets to adapt, optimize, and migrate to or more readily integrate with more modern digital software and cloud architectures or to retire them outright.” The report offers an overview of application modernization and migration services providers and provides valuable insights into the market landscape.

Understanding the Providers

Forrester carefully researched each service provider in the report through a set of comprehensive questions. According to Forrester, “Cloud leaders and sourcing professionals can use application modernization and migration services providers to gain the following business benefits:

  • Deliver superior customer experiences…
  • Gain access to technical and transformational skills and capabilities…
  • Reduce costs associated with legacy technologies and systems…”

Leaders can compare application modernization and migration service providers listed in the report based on geographic focus, aligned industries, and size to make informed decisions.

Our Inclusion

We are proud to be listed in the Forrester Application Modernization and Migration Services Landscape, Q4 2023 report as a medium sized provider with an industry focus in the sectors of financial services, healthcare, and transportation with a geographic focus in North America.

The core business scenarios for this market have been identified by Forrester as cloud migration, application modernization, and data modernization. According to Forrester, “These are the business scenarios that buyers most frequently seek and that they expect application modernization and migration services providers to address.”

In addition to the core business scenarios listed above, Forrester also references several extended business scenarios that are important to certain buyers looking for application modernization and migration services. We are shown in the report for having selected Infrastructure Modernization, Applications Rationalization/Retirement, and Cloud-Native Development Execution as some of the top reasons clients work with us out of the listed extended use cases in the report.

As a global dynamic organization, we believe it’s important to treat cloud migration and app modernization as a strategic initiative, less about a project to deliver and close.

“Getting to the cloud is not the end zone – empowering your business is. Make sure you have a team enabled to drive change and a path for employees to develop new skill sets. Work with strong partners that understand the real-world complexities coming with cloud adoption and invest time in the strategy and planning phases first,” said Steve Holstad, principal of digital strategy consulting, Perficient. “Getting the foundational aspects done properly first ensures successful migrations and modernization efforts in the future, and helps you maintain a secure, governed, and transparent platform for meeting business objectives well into the future.”

Whether your business is just starting its journey or seeking to enhance its current efforts, partnering with the right service provider can make all the difference. Contact us now to discover how our expertise can take your business to new heights.

Download the Forrester report, The Application Modernization And Migration Services Landscape, Q4 2023 to find out more (available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase).

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Adam Reichwein

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