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Azure DevOps Integration Using Katalon Studio

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Ensuring the quality of your applications is crucial in the current fast-paced software development environment.

This is where integration and continuous testing are helpful. For managing your software development lifecycle, Azure DevOps is a robust platform that offers an extensive toolkit, while Katalon Studio is a well-liked test automation tool.

Your testing process may be streamlined, and the dependability of your applications can be guaranteed by integrating Azure DevOps with Katalon. We will go over the advantages of the Azure DevOps connection with Katalon in this blog post and walk you through the setup process.

Katalon Studio


Web, mobile, and API testing may be more accessible with Katalon Studio, a feature-rich test automation

platform. It supports numerous programming languages, has an easy-to-use interface, and works well with various testing frameworks. Test cases, test data management, and comprehensive test report generation are all made more accessible with Katalon Studio.

You may use automated testing with Katalon to ensure your applications are stable and reliable.

Azure DevOps Integration with Katalon

Katalon TestOps Continuous Integration (CI) streamlines running Katalon Studio tests from a remote location or setting up scheduled remote execution for Katalon Studio tests.

CI/CD Integration


Autonomous testing interfaces with CI/CD methods to effortlessly fit into contemporary software development pipelines. Continuous testing and quick feedback are ensured by tests automatically triggered by code commits.

Requirements: Active Katalon Runtime Engine license.


Here are the steps to set up the integration between Azure DevOps and Katalon:

  1. Azure DevOps Account: Ensure you have an Azure DevOps account and access to your organization’s project.
  2. Katalon Studio Installation: Download and install Katalon Studio on your local machine.
  3. Create a Katalon Test Project: Develop your test cases and test suites in Katalon Studio. You can store them in a dedicated project folder.
  4. Autonomous testing enables the execution of many test cases quickly, accelerating the testing phase.

Azure DevOps Project Configuration:

  1. Navigate to your Azure DevOps project.
  2. Create a new Pipeline.
  3. Choose Starter pipeline.Picture3
  4. Choose the appropriate repository (where your Katalon tests are stored) and select your build trigger (such as on code commit).
  5. Select Show Assistant.Picture4
  6. Select Execute Katalon Studio Tests in the Download Katalon Studio version, enter the appropriate version, add the necessary steps to install Katalon Studio, and execute your tests.Picture5
  7. Add a path for the test suite you have to run. Command arguments look like
    -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuitePath=”Test Suites/New Test Suite” -browserType=”Chrome” -apiKey=$(katalon_api_key)


  1. Click on Add, Click on Save, and run. Pipeline start Job.Picture7
  2. After the Report build status is successfully executed, the Report will upload automatically to Katalon TestOps.

Streamlining your software development and testing processes can be achieved by integrating Azure DevOps with Katalon Studio. Increase the quality of your applications and deliver them to clients more quickly by automating testing, setting up continuous testing pipelines, and working smoothly with your development team. This integration guarantees that testing will always be a crucial component of your development cycle, a significant step toward attaining real DevOps excellence inside your company.

Therefore, consider integrating Azure DevOps with Katalon for a more effective and productive software development journey if you want to improve your testing processes and add automation to your DevOps workflow.


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Sandesh Bhutada is an Technical Consultant at Perficient, bringing over 3+ years of experience as an SDET. His primary expertise and focus include Selenium WebDriver, Katalon Studio, and Groovy. Sandesh is deeply committed to continuous learning and stays abreast of the latest advancements in automation technologies, reflecting his strong passion for staying current in the field.

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