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4 Ways IT in Healthcare Can Cut Costs and Increase Margins

The digital realm in healthcare is in a constant state of flux, and for IT professionals, staying updated is more than just a necessity; it’s a mandate. We don’t merely acknowledge these IT challenges; we’re deeply attuned to them, striving to devise the most efficient strategies and tech solutions to cut costs, increase margins, and build resilience.  

Forrester emphasizes that investments in customer experiences can significantly boost revenue. However, faced with industry challenges, healthcare leadership teams are now refining their strategies, ensuring that investments not only drive tangible results but also seamlessly integrate with the evolving IT landscape. 

Navigating the complex realm of healthcare IT, challenges linked to data management and system integration often emerge, influencing both IT teams and the overarching goals of healthcare entities. 

Opportunity: The Struggle of Siloed Systems 

The existence of isolated systems and data can significantly restrict IT teams’ ability to extract real business value. With multiple departments operating on different platforms, achieving a holistic view of operations becomes a dream far from reality. 

Quick Tip: Position your IT organization as a North Star resource for business success by fostering alignment and partnership between IT and business stakeholders.  

Opportunity: Drowning in Data 

The sheer volume of data is a common pain point. The challenge isn’t just about accumulating data—it’s about harnessing its true potential. And, without the right tools and strategies, even the most data-rich organizations can feel data-poor. 

Quick Tip: Unlock your data’s full potential with a pragmatic, decisive plan. Determine your current stance, set clear goals, and chart the journey with an enterprise data roadmap that considers people, processes, and technology. 

Opportunity: Cost of Employee Attrition 

Losing key IT personnel isn’t just about the loss of a workforce—it’s about the loss of institutional knowledge. High turnover rates can set teams back, making it challenging to maintain momentum and growth. 

Quick Tip: Foster an integrated and agile team environment. This promotes constant collaboration, where members share knowledge and best practices daily. Embracing managed services support not only fills immediate expertise gaps but also ensures continuity. 

Opportunity: Trimming Operational Overhead 

In an era where every penny counts, finding ways to streamline operations and reduce costs is essential. IT teams are under pressure to ensure efficiency without compromising system integrity or security. 

Quick Tip: Embrace intelligent automation. By automating repetitive tasks and optimizing workflows, healthcare IT teams can drastically reduce operational overhead while enhancing system reliability and security. Automation isn’t just a cost-cutter; it’s a strategic enabler. 

Navigate the Tech Labyrinth With Confidence 

The overarching goal? Optimize investments while breaking down siloed data and time-consuming processes. To help achieve this, our guide provides insights tailored to the specific challenges of IT teams in the healthcare sector. 

Unlock the full potential of your IT investments. With our comprehensive guide you’ll begin to delve deeper into understanding and overcoming these challenges. Equip yourself with insights that ensure your investments effectively lower costs and boost margins. 

It’s time to transform challenges into opportunities. Download our guide today. 

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Joel Thimsen

Joel Thimsen is a Principal in Perficient's Healthcare and Life Sciences practice and serves as a retained Chief Architect for several key customers in the sector.

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