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Women in Digital Fall 2023 Recap

Fall 2023 Women In Digital Event

The Women in Digital event series presented by Perficient and Adobe aims to celebrate the achievements of women and provide a platform for them to thrive further in an industry that is constantly evolving digitally.

Recently, we curated a panel of leading women in the digital space to discuss significant emerging trends that women should be aware of, tips for career advancement, their journeys as leaders, and more.

The panel was moderated by former LPGA golfer and current NBC/GOLF Channel analyst Morgan Pressel. Panelists included:

  • Sarah Lacey – Director of Partner Experience and Engagement at Adobe
  • Gina Hart – Head of Insurance Technology at Auto Club Enterprise
  • Sara Dwyer – Product Line Manager, Web and Enterprise Search at Eaton

Watch the full replay of the panel here.

Memorable Moments

There were a lot of meaningful discussions during the event. Below are a few of the memorable moments that really resonated with the audience around innovation, creating opportunities, and the importance of mentorship.

No Competition, Only Creation

Sarah Lacey kickstarted the panel discussion by sharing a piece of wisdom that has been particularly valuable throughout her career. She talked about how there’s really no competition, only creation. Instead of getting distracted by researching what competitors are doing, she suggested taking an innovative approach and asking yourself what you want to create.

She said, ” It helps to lead with innovation and creativity versus the competition. And that’s really been something that’s driven my career.”

Bring a Chair or Build a Table

During the discussion, the panelists were asked how they are mindful of who has a seat at the table and who is missing. Sara Dwyer shared that being an ally and an advocate for those you lead and understanding how to help them succeed is important. She talked about how leading others is a privilege and that it is a leader’s responsibility to elevate and empower their team.

“People leadership is a privilege. And if you’re in that role, you need to find and create opportunities for growth and leadership for your team. So I say bring a chair, sometimes you need to build a table, sometimes you need to give up your chair for your team to have an opportunity” said Dwyer.

To Find Success, You Need to Build Your Triangle

Morgan Pressel asked the panelists how mentorship and networking have played a role in growing their careers. And Gina Hart said that the importance of mentorship couldn’t be overstated. Early on in her career, she was fortunate to have a mentor who taught her that the key to finding success was to “build your triangle.” Hart said when finding a mentor there are three key pieces of criteria to look for – or three sides of your triangle.

Side One: A Sounding Board

The first side of your triangle is someone within your own organization whom you can bounce ideas off and talk about challenges. It’s better to be a part of a team instead of facing challenges alone.

Side Two: Someone on the Outside

The second side of your triangle should be someone who is a peer outside of your organization. This is someone you can trust and someone who can give you unfiltered feedback. Hart said at one point in her career she couldn’t understand why she hadn’t gotten a promotion she felt she deserved. So she went to this mentor who gave her the feedback she needed to hear and helped her make sense of the situation.

Side Three: Your North Star

And finally, the third part of your triangle. This is what Hart calls the “north star.” This should be someone who is a couple levels up from where you are in your career. This person can mentor you on leadership expectations. They can give you better insight into the role you’re aiming for as you grow in your career.

Hart said, “That person can tell you the other side of what’s behind the curtain. The things we don’t know. The things they face every day and their challenges.”

By taking the triangle approach to mentorship, you have the ability to see where you are in your career, what’s going on outside of your organization, and where you want to go.

Watch the Replay

There were many more valuable insights discussed during this panel. Watch the full replay below and find out!


Future Women in Digital Events

2023 Women In Digital Events

Perficient and Adobe have partnered together since 2017 to host Women in Digital events to connect women in digital and technology roles. Each year, we continue to grow this series in hopes that we can bring even more women together and foster the impact of these connections in the digital landscape and beyond.

Stay tuned for more exciting Women in Digital events in the future!

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