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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, UMB, and Mecklenburg County Shine as Acquia Engage Awards Finalists

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Each year, Acquia hosts the esteemed Acquia Engage Awards, recognizing exceptional projects brought to life through their platform and products. The finalists have been announced, and Perficient is proud to have played a pivotal role in three projects that have earned finalist status in their respective categories. 

These three projects have earned the distinction of being finalists for the remarkable digital experiences they provide their visitors. These awards spotlight organizations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to creating some of the world’s most ambitious digital projects. 

Finalists are evaluated by a panel of judges who are well-versed in DXP and digital marketing. The judges evaluate all submissions on four criteria: functionality, integration, performance, and overall user experience. From this rigorous evaluation, only three finalists were chosen per category. 

Excellence in Governance: Dana-Farber

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute aimed to enhance patient education content delivery. Existing methods were manual and decentralized, hindering consistency. They transitioned to Acquia, replacing Smartsheets and shared drives. The team streamlined content creation using Drupal and CKEditor 5 for collaborative editing. Drupal views and reports ensured timely content review. LanguageLine managed translations. DFCI-branded PDFs were generated and stored in Acquia DAM for consistent linking. Acquia CMS APIs facilitated content display and searchability. The project, part of a larger platform rollout, led to improved collaboration among clinicians, ensured accurate content delivery, and reduced content creation time. 

Leaders of the Pack – Financial Services: UMB 

UMB sought to overhaul their outdated digital platform to enhance author capabilities and meet growing enterprise needs. They aimed to merge financial and healthcare services sites for a seamless customer experience. The project also aimed to improve personalization capabilities and reduce ownership costs. Strict industry regulations posed a challenge. By implementing Acquia and adhering to security measures, UMB streamlined processes. Leveraging Acquia Site Studio, they designed the site efficiently, migrating 300+ campaigns for market-specific targeting. The results: a dynamic website, cost-effective personalization, and swift page creation with tailored experiences. Perficient managed parallel projects for UMB’s success. 

Regional Excellence – North America: Mecklenburg County 

Mecklenburg County, NC sought to revamp its outdated content management system to improve content creation and user experiences. They aimed for accessibility compliance and seamless content sharing. Overcoming department-specific needs, they utilized the US Web Design System and Acquia tools. Acquia Campaign addressed immediate email tool issues, yielding early returns. Design systems and component libraries were established for both County and library sites. Acquia Site Factory and Site Studio streamlined development. Content Hub ensured central content management, while DAM centralized media assets. Results included modern, accessible County websites, reduced admin workload, and an enhanced library experience. Consistency, mobile-friendliness, and localized content management were key focuses. The project also prioritized easy access to County services through specialized landing pages. 

Empowering Visitor Experiences: A Collective Commitment to Excellence 

Being honored as a finalist for the Engage Awards is an honor, but our greatest source of pride lies in our collaboration with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, UMB, and Mecklenburg County. Together, we’re dedicated to enhancing the experience of their visitors. The remarkable efforts of providing the best experience to their visitors inspires us, and we’re privileged to contribute our small part to their noble mission.

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