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Mastering Katalon Studio: Command Line Execution and Test Case Reusability

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In the world of software testing, efficiency and precision are the keys to success. Enter Katalon Studio, a robust automation tool that empowers testers to streamline their testing processes and ensure top-notch software quality.

In this blog, we’ll embark on a journey to explore two pivotal features of Katalon Studio: Command Line Execution and Test Case Reusability, both of which are poised to revolutionize your testing endeavors.

Transitioning seamlessly into our first topic, let’s delve into Command Line Execution.

Command Line Execution: Automate and Scale

Automating test execution is at the heart of effective software testing, and Katalon Studio simplifies this process through its command-line execution feature. By leveraging the command line interface (CLI), you can effortlessly execute test suites and test cases, even without opening the Katalon Studio IDE. This automation not only saves time but also enables you to execute tests on various environments and platforms seamlessly. 

Using Command Builder for command line execution

To be able to use the command line for execution, the prerequisite is to download the ‘Katalon Runtime Engine’.

Following are the steps to run our test suite:

  1. Select a Test case, suite or collection.
  2. Click on the “Build CMD” button.Build Cmd Button
  3. Click “Generate Command” and copy the command, the command contains our project path, APIKey, and other execution information.Cmd Builder Generate Command
  4. Open the Command prompt/Terminal in the folder containing Katalon Runtime Engine or Open the Terminal and navigate to the folder from the terminal. Command Prompt For Command
  5. Paste the command and click enter.
  6. This will run our test suite and the report will be generated in the Reports section in Katalon

There are various options (arguments) available to add to the command like delay, retry, etc. Refer to the documentation for detailed command-line syntaxes and arguments: Command-line syntax in Katalon Runtime Engine | Katalon Docs

Efficient Test Execution at Scale

Imagine the power of effortlessly scheduling and executing your tests on a remote server or integrating them into your continuous integration (CI) pipelines. The transition from manual execution to command-line execution opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing your testing workflow.

Test Case Reusability: Building a Solid Foundation

Test case reusability is a fundamental principle in test automation, and Katalon Studio excels in this regard. It allows you to create modular test cases, which can be reused across multiple test suites. This modular approach minimizes duplication, reduces maintenance efforts, and ensures consistency in your testing efforts.

Test Case Reusability in Katalon Studio

One scenario of reusing a test case can be creating one login Test Case individually for a website and then calling it in other test cases of multiple pages of a Website that requires login. Following are the steps for the sample Scenario:

  1. Create a Login Test Case, which includes only the steps of login
  2. Create another Test Case, that requires login, without login steps.
  3. Add the keyword “Call Test Case” at the first step and select the login test case in the object value. Call Test Case In Katalon Studio

In a similar way, we can reuse the test case multiple times.

Seamless Transition Between Projects 

Moreover, Katalon Studio enables seamless transitions between projects, making it easy to import and export test cases across different projects. This functionality is beneficial when working on various aspects of the same application or testing multiple applications within your organization.

Conclusion: Mastering Katalon Studio for Effortless Testing

In conclusion, mastering Katalon Studio involves command line execution and test case reusability. Command line execution automates and scales your testing efforts. Test case reusability, on the other hand, builds a solid foundation for efficient and maintainable test automation.

Katalon Studio goes beyond the ordinary by facilitating effortless transitions between projects. This feature simplifies the process of importing and exporting test cases across different projects, proving invaluable when you’re simultaneously tackling various facets of the same application or conducting tests on multiple applications within your organization.

Transitioning between these essential features seamlessly within Katalon Studio empowers testers to optimize their workflows, improve test coverage, and deliver high-quality software. So, take the plunge, explore these features, and elevate your software testing game with Katalon Studio!

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