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How Perficient India applied Protégé Effect & Sherlock Instinct in Infosec Training

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The Beginning:

Employee 1: “Congratulations on winning the Super Bowl lottery question.”

Employee 2: “Thanks, man. It was a very easy question.”

Employee 1: “It might be simple question for you but at crucial moment, you can protect the whole company with the answer.”

Protege Effect

When it comes to crucial timing during an examination, the students plan strategically to divide the trickiest questions among themselves in order to comprehend the exercise with intense focus before teaching others with their simple explanations. One student can confidently instruct others if they diligently study one exercise. The students can avoid wasting time studying all the trickiest exercises.

It is the protégé effect that encourage cooperation among the students. The project and operations teams at work have also experienced the protégé effect by explaining the work to the new team members.

How the Conversation Started:

For weeks, the Infosec KYC team has been brainstorming how to apply the Protégé Effect in the training. The team developed fresh fun ideas for the competition – creating designs and video reels, based on policies and practices. You can read this blog on how the conversation started.

The Game Starts:

The participants began the plan of forming the new teams. All team leads encouraged their teams to participate in the event to revive their psyche with new ideas and put the plan to designing arts.

Each of the participating teams were allotted with a single topic to be designed in tee shirts or AD posters. With one practice topic allotted to different participating teams, the team members developed various designs and video reels. The teams put a lot of effort to learn about and incorporate the assigned topic into their designs. It was mesmerizing to see the design works in different art, colors, drawing, etc.

The culture in Perficient India brings in the fun of Protégé Effect in Information Security trainings.

Let’s Vote:

To their surprise, the voting system was likewise very different. The judges were our very own colleagues in location wise. The artist teams didn’t stop there after their submitting their work. They began their effort to have their peers vote on their design work. The knowledge on Information Security kept spreading rapidly. The participating teams kept campaigning for their work until the end of the voting date. Until the results were announced, the fever and anxiety were rising. Many different designs received the leading votes and Perficient India has witnessed the closest contest ever.

Sherlock Holmes Instinct:

The fun didn’t stop there. The Infosec team additionally wanted to create the “Sherlock Holmes Instinct” inside all the employees to be valid and faithful to their company. The employees need to be whistle-blowers / informants to counter the wrongdoings and unlawful activities in the work. The Infosec team members volunteered to pretend to do any suspicious activities at work area. Everyone’s eyes were on the Infosec team volunteers to catch them red-handed. The floors were vibrating with the fun and knowledge. The whistle-blowers/Informants were rewarded by the senior management.

Wrap Up:

The Protege Effect and Sherlock Holmes Instinct were most effectively utilized by Perficient India employees when conducting the Infosec KYC event.

The employees have learnt new subjects in a pleasant manner. They enjoyed the overall gamification training event. The Infosec team wrapped the event with highly positive feedback from the colleagues.

Putting forth such a new thought to the leadership directly showcases the transparent work culture of Perficient. The willingness of the leadership to encourage new and different idea, sets Perficient a cut above the rest and makes this program and Perficient different.


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