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Unleash the Power of Data: The Migration Factory by Perficient on Databricks

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Introducing: The Migration Factory

In today’s ever-evolving business environment, staying up to date on best practices and technology is essential for remaining competitive.  Many Fortune 500s have realized the importance of making data work in favor of one’s business.  Without proper data management, corporations begin to fall behind the competition by struggling with things like disorganization, loss of visibility, and siloed operations.  As a Databricks partner with more than 75 Databricks-dedicated consultants, we build end-to-end solutions that empower our clients to gain more value from their data.  

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Today, we are pleased to announce our inclusion in the Brickbuilder program, partner-developed solutions for the Lakehouse. A Brickbuilder Solution is a key component of the Databricks Partner Program and recognizes partners who have demonstrated a unique ability to offer differentiated Lakehouse industry and migration solutions in combination with their knowledge and expertise.   


The Migration Factory built by Perficient on the Databricks Platform is a repeatable solution that seamlessly migrates on-premises data to the cloud.  It leverages reusable tooling and a proven framework to efficiently migrate workloads, while considering a reduction in technical debt, implementing best practices, and speeding up the migration process. 


This solution addresses various challenges that are common for legacy systems: 

  • Unsupported and Costly Legacy Data Platform – Outdated or older Hadoop / Cloudera or on-premises DBMS platforms are a strain on IT budgets and create a lot of administration overhead. Organizations are limited to available compute and storage which makes scaling difficult. ​ 
  • Technical Debt and Disorganization – Aging platforms have significant technical debt, aging codebases, and lack of visibility into data processes. Batches continue to fail and support teams grow to maintain the business needs. Optimization is not a focus for historical processes. ​ 
  • Siloed Data Teams – Data Teams are not communicating and engaging to build a cohesive data ecosystem. This leads to long lead times for engineering, slower output of the data teams, and lack of access to data when it is needed. ​ 

Perficient’s Migration Factory simplifies the shift of legacy platforms to Databricks.  It includes various tools and accelerators such as data validation, data migration, and job conversion tools.  These go hand-in-hand to automate tasks, ensure data integrity, and adapt existing ETL jobs to the new platform. Our proven process consists of nine steps. 

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The Perficient approach to data migration guarantees consistency, scalability, and repeatable results for its clients.  A healthcare insurance company needed to replace its aging, poorly managed, and expensive legacy data platform (Cloudera/Hadoop) because it did not meet the company’s need for flexibility nor the specialized needs of its data scientists and advanced analysts which was causing a strain to IT support and budgets.    

Our team of engineers created data migration patterns and code transformation frameworks to fully migrate the legacy data platform to Databricks. The usage-based pricing reduced costs while extending the client’s advanced analytics and data modeling capabilities.   

For additional information on the Migration Factory, check out this link to connect with our experts! 

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