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Perficient Recruiters Squash Job Search Anxiety


Job Searching Can Feel Like a Job

Job searching can be a job in and of itself! It requires immense effort to polish your resume, research a company and find a position that speaks to you. While the prospect of a new opportunity, better compensation, and improved work-life balance can be enticing there are several hurdles that ought not be ignored when making a job switch.

Some of those key challenges are:
1. Uncertainty – The fear of the unknown is very real and extends to stepping into a new opportunity, even if you think you’re ready for something new, the unfamiliar
2. Skill gap – Maybe you’re concerned that the job you want will require skills or experience that you don’t have or can’t articulate
3. Adapting to new culture – Each workplace has its own unique culture. Adapting to a new company’s values, communication styles, and norms can take time.

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Your Search Made Simple

Our recruiting process is optimized to remove typical stressors. We’ll work tirelessly to place you in a role where you can produce your best work. Let’s address how Perficient tackles fears you might have before you hit ‘submit’ on an application to join our team.
1. Communication – Our recruiters and hiring managers are engaged at every point of the hiring process and genuinely look forward to aligning top talent with roles best suited for their skillset. You’ll never be in the dark. Recruiters prioritize providing timely and frequent updates using your preferred contact method about everything from our culture to next steps to first day details and beyond!
2. Professional Development – We have an initiative called Growth For Everyone, which empowers employees to self-assess areas for growth and plan ways to upskill. Our intranet hosts several courses, aimed at developing current skills and acquiring new ones. Once onboard, we encourage seizing every opportunity to develop. Don’t let what you don’t know (yet) stop you from applying!
3. Award-winning Culture – Our internal employee surveys tell the story of individuals who are pleased with the culture. We win awards on national and international stages that speak to how innovative, collaborative, and engaging our culture is at Perficient. From our employee resource groups, to our in-person meet-ups, we find opportunities to connect and build meaningful relationships. There’s a place for you here.


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Remember that while taking the step to apply to a new role can be daunting, our efforts eclipse these worries. Think about all the possibilities present when joining Perficient. You can flourish, grow, and collaborate with thought leaders. Here, you’ll be challenged, championed, and celebrated.

Here’s What to Expect
You submit an application, then what? Fair question! Keep reading to review a simplified list of what to expect after applying.
1. Application Review: Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the hiring team or the HR department. They will typically screen applications to ensure that candidates meet the basic qualifications for the position, such as education, experience, and required skills.
2. Interview(s): If your application is a good fit, you will advance in the process and be invited for interviews. Interviews are typically in person or via video conference. The interview process allows us the opportunity to get to know you beyond a resume!
3. References and Background: Have a list of references handy. A strong reference is a person who can speak to your skills, work style, and professional achievements. This is the stage when a background check occurs.
4. Offer and Onboarding: The next phase is an offer. We hope you’ll accept! Then we begin preparing a place for you among our ranks. Simple as that.
If for whatever reason you are not selected to move forward with our recruiting process, know that we did not make that choice lightly. Reach out to your assigned recruiter for feedback if you wish or apply to another role.

Join the Perficient Team
Ready to apply? Review our most recent opportunities here: Explore Opportunities Today 

Still on the fence? That’s ok! Join our talent community and find out about fresh job openings as they become available here: Talent Community Sign Up 

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