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Modifying Rendering Parameters in Bulk using Sitecore PowerShell

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This blog will help you in modifying the rendering parameter for a rendering using PowerShell script. While working on a project, one might face a scenario where there is a need to make changes in a rendering parameter of a particular rendering.

The rendering might have been used on multiple pages on a website.

In this case, it will be very tedious for a content author to change the parameter for a rendering on multiple pages. This script might be helpful here as we can identify the rendering and modify the required parameters with minimal effort.

In the following example, I am taking a scenario where we must replace a style parameter added to a rendering with another style. A style Style1 is added to a Container rendering, and we need to replace this style with Style2.

To achieve this, we need to use 3 ids in the script.
1. ID1 – The style id which is applied to rendering (Style1 id {ID1})
2. ID2 – The style id which we need to change (Style2 id {ID2})
3.ItemID – The item under which we have multiple pages on which the rendering is applied

function ModifyRenderingParameter($item, $fieldID) {
    $styleArray = [System.Collections.ArrayList]@()
    $laytoutField = New-Object "Sitecore.Data.Fields.LayoutField" $item.Fields[$fieldID]
    $modified = $false
    $definition = [Sitecore.Layouts.LayoutDefinition]::Parse($laytoutField.Value)
    $definition.Devices | % {
        $_.Renderings | % {
            $par = [Sitecore.Web.WebUtil]::ParseUrlParameters($_.Parameters)
            foreach($styleIds in $par["Styles"]){
                $ids = $styleIds.split('|');
                foreach($id in $ids){
                    if($id -eq '{ID1}'){
                        $styleArray = $ids.replace($id, "{ID2}") -join "|"
                        if ($styleArray -ne $null) {
                            $par["Styles"] = $styleArray
                            $_.Parameters = (New-Object "Sitecore.Text.UrlString" $par).GetUrl()
                            $modified = $true
    if ($modified) {
        $laytoutField.Value = $definition.ToXml()
        $item.Editing.EndEdit() > $null
$item = Get-Item -Path "master:" -ID "{ItemID}"
$allItems = Get-ChildItem -Item $item -Recurse
$itemList = [System.Collections.ArrayList]@()
foreach($item in $allItems){
    ModifyRenderingParameter $item ([Sitecore.FieldIDs]::LayoutField)
    ModifyRenderingParameter $item ([Sitecore.FieldIDs]::FinalLayoutField)
$itemList | Show-ListView -Property Name, ProviderPath, Language

In the end, you will receive the list of items affected during execution.

Comment below if you have any suggestions or questions.

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