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Dreamforce is 1 Month Away!

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Dreamforce 2023 – We are Ready. Are You? 

30 days and counting until Dreamforce 2023 kicks off! This year, Salesforce is expecting about 170,000 people to descend on San Francisco, Sept. 12-15.  

Opportunities at Dreamforce

Each year, there’s always something specific to look forward to and this year is no different. As always, it’s a jam-packed three days filled with powerful content, bold ideas, and opportunities to make an impact. I’m looking forward to three specific opportunities this year to maximize my time at Dreamforce.  

1. Powerful Connections:

Thousands of Salesforce customers come to San Francisco for this epic event. Through all the flurry and buzz, having moments with our customers is special. In our busy, remote world, having time together in person creates opportunities for us to connect deeper with our customers and the business problems they are trying to solve. And best of all, connecting our customers with one another and watching them share experiences, best practices, and ideas on how to maximize their Salesforce investment is truly powerful.

2. AI, Data Cloud, and Inclusion:

There are over 200 sessions about AI. This is what everyone is talking about in the market, and I couldn’t be more excited to learn not just about Salesforce AI capabilities, but how we can understand and trust AI more effectively. The AI market is projected to reach $407B by 2027, which is substantial growth from its $86.9B in revenue in 2022. I’m also eager to understand how we can train AI to bring digital inclusivity to the solutions we build with customers.

For example, AI enables us to bring in capabilities such as video, speech-to-text, translations, image and facial recognition, just to name a few. We want to build solutions that you can use to engage with customers across any digital channel in an accessible and inclusive way. Together, AI and digital inclusivity have the potential to create powerful business outcomes, including time and cost savings, brand loyalty, and increased customer retention.

3. Seeing Over the Horizon:

Dreamforce presents an opportunity for us to all look up and look ahead – what’s coming? What challenges do we see? How can we leverage our investments in Salesforce and other technologies to address those challenges? These are all questions we and our customers are asking. When we engage with customers at Dreamforce, together, we begin to unpack what our future roadmaps will look like and how we can make our biggest impact on their customers using Salesforce.  

Perficient will have a large contingent of sellers, industry and platform experts, and channel partners on-site, with the ability to schedule meetings with you and your team. If you’re attending Dreamforce, I’d love to connect with you 

Connect. Engage. Maximize. With Perficient. See you There! 

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