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The Smart Bs to Increase Sales

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For several years now, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, online sales have exploded worldwide. Today, anyone, anywhere, can buy anything. Online shopping has crushed the old rules of shopping and increased sales. The internet has revolutionized the act of searching for information. Ecommerce sales boost the economy by increasing productivity, encouraging innovation, and driving better shopping experiences.Screenshot 2023 08 08 113923

BOPIS – Buy Online, Pick Up in Store 

BOPIS allows a consumer to make a purchase online and pick up their order in-store. With BOPIS, shoppers don’t have to deal with shipping costs, long delivery timelines, and shipping back items that don’t fit or meet their expectations. BOPIS combines the best of e-commerce and in-store by offering customers the convenience of browsing, selecting, and paying for transactions online, while receiving the benefits of immediacy offered by a store visit. With online experience, consumers get to choose from many payment options, even monthly payment options too. Retailers around the world are adopting the BOPIS model to meet customer expectations. 

BOPAC – Buy Online, Pick Up at Curbside 

BOPAC option allows a consumer to make a purchase online and wait for a confirmation notification to pick up their order at a brick-and-mortar location, without leaving their vehicle or entering the store. Choosing BOPAC is a convenient way to shop for customers who want to avoid crowds at local stores. It is a great option for retailers who ship items from a distribution center or warehouse but don’t have a physical store for customers. BOPAC saves the consumer time because a store worker will shop for you and put it in your car trunk when it is ready. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, people started shopping at brick-and-mortar; even now, in-person sales are still going strong and increasing.  

BOPIL – Buy Online, Pick Up in Locker 

BOPIL allows a consumer to make a purchase online and select “Pick Locker” as the delivery option at checkout. When the item is ready, the consumer will get a notification, likely a text or email, about the parcel lockers; this notification can be sent out automatically once the package has been entered into the system. The customer can then visit the on-site location to retrieve their package from the locker. In recent years, the use of parcel lockers for package pickups has been steadily increasing, particularly in urban locations. BOPIL is self-service which does not require any assistance during pickup. BOPIL allows you to save more time as you do not have to depend on anyone, just simply arrive to grab the purchase from the locker.  

BOSS – Buy Online, Ship to Store 

BOSS allows a consumer to make a purchase online and pick up the order in-store even when there is no inventory available in the store. There are many options to ship to the store, some use items to ship to the store from nearby stores to save on shipping charges. Some use orders to be processed at a central distribution center and then sent out to the store to the customer where they then pick up their order. It provides seamless omnichannel customer experiences for all merchants with multiple physical locations. When a customer orders online and wants to pick up the item in-store, the ideal scenario is that the store they want to visit has the item in store. If the item is unavailable at the customer’s preferred location, closing that gap is vital. BOSS enhances inventory management by utilizing all local inventory.  

BODFS – Buy Online, Deliver from Store                  

BODFS allows a consumer to make a purchase online and have those items shipped directly to their home. Once the order is placed, a local retail location will pick up the order from their stock, package it, and deliver or ship it to the customer’s home. Usually, online orders would come from a central warehouse like a larger fulfillment center but to keep up with increasing consumer demands, increased retailers are expanding their fulfillment options to include more choices than ever before. BODFS allows you to save money on shipping costs as delivery will be taking place from the nearest store available.  

BORIS – Buy Online, Return in Store 

BORIS allows a consumer to make a purchase online and return that order to a store. The rise of e-commerce means returns are much more common than they used to be. It is a self-service returns service that delivers a truly omnichannel customer experience. It helps close the circle, making returns easier and closing the gap in customer satisfaction. From the consumer’s perspective, dropping off a product at the store is much easier and faster than packaging it up and toting it to a parcel shipper. For retailers, BORIS can speed up the return process and reduce its costs. 

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