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Perficient Recognized as Utilities Industry Provider Transforming Leading Companies 

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In a world of convenient, fast, and reliable products and services, utilities companies are pressured to meet digital-first demands. Despite the desire to meet these demands, legacy systems have been causing them to miss the mark on customer expectations. Further, utilities companies are expected to shift from commodity providers to sustainable and trusted energy value advisors. If that wasn’t enough, societal and governmental pressures require the integration of renewable energy – an additional challenge that opens new revenue streams if companies succeed in smart management of operations. 

To address this evolving ecosystem, utilities companies have been partnering with digital consultancies for support in IT modernization, customer experience excellence, asset management, and more. Due to our impact on the industry and capabilities in these areas, Perficient was recognized by a leading global technology research and advisory firm’s report comparing the competitive differentiators of utilities industry consultancies in North America. 

Partnering to Keep the Lights On 

When it comes to digital transformation across the value chain, consultancies with deep industry expertise like Perficient are best positioned to set utilities companies up for success. With this assistance, utilities companies can streamline operations to increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve customer experience. Perficient has recently focused on strategy and execution of data and analytics as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence – areas that utilities companies are seeking out partners with excellent capabilities in. 

Companies in the utilities industry have benefitted from our end-to-end capabilities, most notably when it comes to worker safety, energy transition, and customer experience. Using our deep industry expertise, Perficient has been transforming utilities companies by seamlessly integrating digital solutions while streamlining and updating existing technology. With our help, several of the largest utilities companies in the U.S. have improved their operations and answered consumer demands for better experiences with their power suppliers. 

Harnessing Digital Transformation to Revolutionize Power & Utilities

The connected worker is one use case for Perficient’s capabilities in mobile applications, data management, portals, and more. Morgan McNeal, director of management consulting, Perficient, remarked:

“Employee experience is a top priority in the industry, yet one of the most common problems we’ve seen utility companies face is worker safety. With the help of advanced digital tools, these organizations can ensure workers stay connected and informed”

Further, Perficient has helped utilities companies reimagine their role in decarbonization, including creating immersive experiences that educate and assist customers in their sustainability goals. Energy transition is an ongoing challenge for utility companies as decarbonization and sustainability are at top of mind for consumers. While there are many ways energy companies are addressing this, from renewable energy portfolios to electric vehicle charging stations, some are going directly to their customers as trusted advisors of energy usage. Sandeep Ghosh, Houston director, Perficient, said:

“Transforming from energy provider to energy advisors will help utility companies maintain relevance and customer experience excellence.” 

Transforming the Utilities Industry 

Perficient’s intimate partnerships with utilities companies have allowed its industry experts to build an impressive base of knowledge and solutions tailored to global energy organizations. Many times, Perficient has enabled companies to ensure worker safety, improve workflows, streamline reporting, enhance employee and customer experiences, and reduce costs, all with strategically implemented technology solutions.  

Learn more about Perficient’s utilities strategy and technology solutions. 

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